B's on my Mind

This post is for UBC Day 23 and ABC Wednesday.

This week’s ABC Wednesday prompt is B, B for Berries.

So I think it’s that time of the week again where I pen down something about the B’s that have occupied my mind this week.

B is for Benedict Cumberbatch. Well what can I say about my favorite Sherlock except that I’m absolutely in awe of him? This January the 3rd season of Sherlock, the BBC One Series, premiered and I have been watching all the three episodes over and over again. I don’t know I just can’t seem to get enough of him! So I have been the busy Cumberfan last week, watching re-runs after re-runs of Cumberbatch’s Sherlock.

B is for Bitching! Like it or not we all bitch, men and women alike. Well it might not be the preferred word but let’s just say we all gossip eh? And before you jump to any conclusions about this being sacrilege to your holy self, think again. I for one love my bitching sessions with my sister and my best friend, harmless I might add. It is actually my way of letting off steam, when all the negatives dissolve to nothingness. This week was about how horrible my bosses and my company policies are, as I said harmless! It’s like therapy, only better for I don’t need to pay for it. And I believe if you can’t change it then bitch about it and forget, of-course with people you know and trust.

B is for my Balcony! Being home alone does have its perks. The elusive ‘Me Time’ that we yearn for is available in plenty when you've only yourself to cook and clean for. I've found just the perfect way of spending that in my balcony. Seated under the sun with music playing in the background and a book in hand. That has been the highlight of the past week for me.

B is for Birthday! It was my mom’s birthday on the 21st.Of-course I couldn't be with her, but I did the next best thing. My mother loves Chinese food. Give her chilly chicken any day and she’ll munch on it with glee. So my sister and I ordered her a sumptuous Chinese meal. I know it wasn't a substitute for us being there with her but I hope she enjoyed it.

B is for Books! I have been reading Dark Witch by Nora Roberts this week. And I’m loving it so far. Sometime next week I’ll be posting its review too. It feels good to be surrounded by books. I guess it has always been like that for me. It’s my sedative apart from writing of course.

So there, I ranted about the B’s in my life this week. What about you? What B’s have you been keeping busy with?

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