A Not-So-Perfect Wedding Moment

This post is for UBC Day 1

What comes to your mind when I say the word ‘Wedding’? A beautiful bride standing with the man she loves on the verge of a new beginning. Lights, music, flowers, guests dressed in all their finery as the bride and groom exchange furtive glances and gestures. Happiness and hope on a day that is recalled with a smile few years down the line. Aren't these what we traditionally associate weddings with?

But hold that thought for a moment. There's another aspect of weddings which to my mind is a tad more entertaining than several others. Far from the flawless day that weddings are thought of there are some incidents, both bitter and sweet, that give it another dimension altogether. I had a similar moment in mine that I treasure even to this day.

It’s hard to believe that it’s going to be three years this March, three years since I married the man I had fallen in love with. Today when I take a trip down memory lane it’s neither the finery nor the sweet nothings from that night that I caress fondly. It is but a silly fight that makes my heart hum the tune of love.

I remember us sitting near the holy fire with the priest chanting mantras as the relatives ogled at us. But instead of feeling the trepidation of taking our relationship to the next level we were busy arguing with each other. The stress of an interstate wedding had taken its toll on us. A Bengali bride and a groom from UP in a traditional Bengali wedding; we literally were at each other’s throats. The reason now seems inconsequential though.

While we were arguing, secretly of course, our feet were etching the seven vows of marriage in the sands of eternity around the holy fire. Our rapport must have been really strong even then, for we sat through the whole wedding in spite of being so livid with each other!

All we wanted that night setting aside the ‘my family vs your family fight’ was to take our rapport to the next level, to be a married couple after a five year long courtship. And we succeeded.

Today at this juncture of life that clash seems endearing, even irrelevant. But then again it is one of those things from the whole wedding that makes us smile; a smile that reaches our eyes!

This was my not-so-perfect moment from my perfect wedding and it gave me the perfect life partner I always desired.

What about you? I’d love to hear some funny and even silly stories from your memory’s treasure chest. Come share with me.


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