A Hairy Heart-Break!


As a teenager I always dreamt of a time when I would grow up into this beautiful girl with hair that was the envy of others. While girls in school dreamt of a knight in shining armor, I dreamt of a hair like none other. I didn't know though that God was listening! To my surprise I did grow up to have a head of hair like none other, only difference was that this wasn't actually what I had ordered. Brittle, dry and unmanageable was what I got in the package instead of luscious, soft and silky hair!

Curly hair that defies laws of gravity, one that makes me look like Einstein sans the IQ is my true story. The Medusa look-alike of the 21st century; that's what my hair does to my appearance. While I wanted to be Rapunzel, I ended up having the hair of the scary witch. So you see my hair woes are like a fairy tale gone awry. Trust me it's not a nice feeling to have hair that constantly reminds you of all the negative characters in your favorite fairy tales! While I wanted to be the damsel, my hair made me the crone. It's a tragedy to say the least. From oiling, straightening, coloring to hair spa, I went through bouts of all but to tell you the truth my hair is as stubborn as a mule, reluctant to change! What is the next resort? Maybe I should just shave off my hair but that would be catastrophic.Is there anything that can radically alter my hair now that it seems to be terminally ill?

I want hair like this woman. Hair that I can pull without turning bald! (Image Source: http://www.indiblogger.in/topic.php?topic=97 )

To be able to let my hair down in the literal sense is a cherished dream of mine.You see girls playing with the strands of their hair oblivious to the surroundings, I want to be able to do that. I don't want my fingers getting stuck in tangles which they need to break to escape. For a change I want my hair to not defy gravity and to at-least stop scaring my neighbor every-time he opens the door to grab the day's newspaper! I don't want combing to be a nightmare with at-least hundreds of strands breaking with each stroke. Is it possible? Is it too much to ask?

Everyday I wake up to see a woman with a hideous nest on her head in the mirror.That has to change before I turn into an old hag. I want to see a woman with gorgeous hair staring back at me from the looking glass. Possible?

It's not for going on a date with my husband that I want a beautiful head of hair.He has after all got accustomed to a wife with tresses reaching out towards the sky. If you have seen the branches of trees in winter then you will know what I mean!

It is but to save myself from the nightmare that washing my hair has come to be that I need to do something, in-fact anything immediately! In-fact, why only washing? Just running my hands through it results in breakage. It's scary. Every time after shampooing there's so much hair on the bathroom floor that my heart breaks to even look at it. It's not a pleasant sight for no matter how bad my hair is I still want to see it on my head rather than on the floor. So for the sake of a pleasant shampoo experience I wish someone waves a magic wand and gives me the hair that I have been yearning for. And of course save me from going bald! For if that doesn't happen in no time I'd transform from a woman with bad hair to a woman with no hair at all! 

I need recharged tresses to save me from being shortchanged by my hair.

Soft and silky,
Long and strong,
Hair so smooth,
A nightingale's song,
A curl of love,
A strand of care,
And roots all tough,
With breakage rare!
This my wish,
My sole prayer,
And why I want, 
A recharged hair.