A Beautiful Home

'Stay, stay at home my heart and rest,
Home keeping hearts are the happiest' said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and he was right!

What makes a home beautiful? Is it the number of rooms in it or the money we spend adorning it? Well we all know the answer to that, don't we? It's neither. A home is made soothing and warm by the people that live in it. A house doesn't even have to be one's own to make it a comforting abode, one's home! A rented apartment could be one's home, all it takes is the vibes one fills it with.

Last year in August we moved in to our own apartment. It was a dream come true for me and my husband, S. It was something we had truly worked hard for.

A home we built,
And it with love we filled!

S and I have been together for almost 8 years now, married for about 3, and to be honest all we needed was each other to build our home. As cliched as it sounds, that's the truth. But I can't deny that we did want to decorate our home from scratch. From the time we signed the deal, we had conversations of what furniture we would buy or what colors we would paint the walls in. Even when it was just being built we would visit it every Sunday and plan which furniture to put where. We were like two kids in awe of a mammoth toy store, losing ourselves in it's enormity.

We dream of a home,
You and I alone,
And together we paint,
It's walls red.

Our Living Room being built
The (Future) Children's Room

Our adventures at home had begun with choosing the colors for the walls. The builder had painted them all in ivory cream. But we wanted something more. Not too much but just a shade to break the cloak of monochrome in our abode. So in we called the painter and he marched in with catalogs from Asian Paints. There we had in our hand an eclectic color pallet. So much to choose from. I wanted to use all but thankfully S controlled that urge of mine. It was tough with the variety that Asian Paints offered. So many colors really, who would have thought? But then we zeroed in on the one we had always wanted,Red Earth.And that was the first step in turning this apartment into our own little space.


These walls tall,
Hued to enthrall,
Our precious shrine ,
My Living Room
My Living Room
In Red confine!

After almost 6 months in our new home here we are basking in the sunlight that teases every flower in our balcony, reading our favorite book in the cozy couch, cooking our favorite food and watching our favorite movie snuggled up in a blanket. In all this it is our love for each other that is the binding force. That's what makes a home 'HOME', isn't it?

A home isn't a home without love,
It's a blessing from Him above,
Which brings a home alive,
In affection we ignite.

I think every home is beautiful however big or small. A pinch of luck, a lot of love and lots of laugh that in my mind are ingredients of a perfect home. And it's an everyday effort. A home is not built in a day, not even after all the doors, windows and walls are completed. With patience and togetherness even the darkest of homes can become the brightest. With naughty caresses, even a single room can be the world's spaciest abode.

I have a home,
A home in my heart,
With you in it,
And my family it's part,
Holding hands we walk along,
And make this place OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME!

Asian Paint Home Solutions

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