5 A's On My Mind

This post is for UBC Day 15 and ABC Wednesday.

The prompt for this week’s ABC Wednesday is the alphabet A. So I thought I’d use five words beginning with ‘A’ to convey what I've been feeling or doing for the past few days.

Alone. Yes, that’s something that I've been for the past two weeks. What can I say? With my husband away on work, I find myself isolated and lonely. The house is empty and that’s a miserable feeling. Everything remains in its own place, perfectly arranged, which by my nature I should have been happy about but I’m not. I want him to be at home and move things around. Strangely I even miss nagging him with do’s and don’ts at home.

Desire to Abscond; yes that’s what I want to do from work. I have this sick feeling in the stomach every time I’m in office. In the name of discipline, archaic policies smother people at my workplace. And if rules already in place weren't regressive enough, rumor has it that they plan on bringing in more anti-employee guidelines in the future. So you heard me right, I just want to abscond from this hell-hole as soon as possible.

Angry. Maybe it’s because I’m alone these days but I seem to be getting angry at the slightest of aggravations. And it’s not from anyone in particular. It’s more in the form of hassles; passive incitements. It happens when the internet stops working right at the moment when I’m about Skype with my husband. I’m annoyed when I don’t get a seat in my office bus every day, in spite of having paid a hefty fee for using the services.  These are like triggers that evoke all kinds of terrible feelings within me. My tolerance levels have degraded. Not that they were too high but these days it has truly shrunk.

Sudden Huge Appetite! This is another thing that is bothering me these days. I just want to keep eating when at home. Maybe it’s my way of coping with loneliness. Even if I know I’m full I don’t want to stop. But it’s not healthy at all. Need to apply the brakes on this expanding appetite of mine.

Attempt to write as many Articles as possible. I think writing is the only thing that is keeping me sane nowadays. So I just keep writing and keep busy. At the end of every story or blog post, I feel happy. It has a sedating effect on my nerves.

So these are the 5 A’s on my mind these days. Which are the ones on yours?