You, My Blessing in Disguise

Cupid's bow,
Twinned our hearts.
Spring unto summer,
Autum to winter,
Times rolled by,
We endured all,
Holding each other.

Your touch, 
Your care,
My bliss fair!
Our hearts entwined,
Melody refined,
This love affair!

You caress my hands,
Thinking I'm asleep.
But I twirl in joy,
Eyes shut, unseen!
You sparkle my heart,
Carrying me across,
Our eighth year threshold.

Life's an adventure,
As we wither,
Those demons together.
Our love,
Transcends fear.
Our trust, faith,
Unshakable, entrenched!

With you along!
My precious gem.
Darling you are,
My divine esteem.
Oh you're mine,
A blessing in disguise!

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

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