Vegetable fraternity files defamation suit against the poor for being able to afford it!

In a sudden turn of events the vegetable fraternity has today filed a defamation suit against the poor of this country. This drastic step was taken after careful consideration by the Vegetable Board of Directors in a meeting chaired by their current CEO, Mr. Biter Gourd.

Experts are of the opinion that this step was a direct result of the increase in affordability of vegetables, which had considerably tarnished the reputation of the latter.

One would have thought that with the Government promptly coming to the rescue of the vegetable community by increasing their prices, the matter would be resolved without a libel suit. But the spokesperson of the Vegetable Board of Directors, Mr. Potato, speaking to the press cited that the mental trauma suffered by them had to be compensated for and hence the lawsuit.

An eggplant believed to be a close aid of Mr. Biter Gourd in a conversation with the press said that the balance of their lives had been completely shattered. He reminisced how till a few months ago only a meager few of them would have made their way to the cooking vessels of the Poor. Those were the good times he said, for the rest enjoyed nonstick cookware and olive oils. But off late the malicious underprivileged section of the society has been taking more of the vegetable fraternity to their chopping-boards. He added that this has lowered the quality of life of the Vegetables considerably. Hence, the time had come to seek monetary compensation. He further went on to add that it was a question of tradition; the poor being unable to afford vegetables, and that had to be protected at any cost.

The Government on the other hand welcomed the decision by the Vegetables adding that all efforts would be made to ensure that just like the other basic necessities of life; vegetables too would be made exorbitant for the poor. The Vegetables have been reassured by various parties as well that their prices would keep rising and the status quo that has existed for decades would not be disturbed.

The law firm representing the poor however have hit back saying that the facts have been misconstrued for the affordability of vegetables when it comes to the poor had never changed. He blamed that this is propaganda by the Rich Opposition party who lobbied with the Non-Veg Fraternity to cause the rift between long term partners the Poor and the Vegetables.

But with the Indian Vegetables completely boycotting the poor, the latter has now sought interim relief from the Chinese Vegetable Board while the prices of the former continue to rise.