Que Sera Sera but I sure wish for these to be True!

There is so much in life I want to do, so much I wish to see that sometimes I fear what if I can’t? Death the greatest equalizer of all at whose threshold both the prince and the pauper fall often comes untold.

What happens to my myriad wishes and dreams if my end comes stealthily unannounced? ‘Nothing’ perhaps is the only answer to that. But honestly I don’t want to think about that. Que Sera, Sera!! Right?

I have a lot to do, a lot to achieve, though in my small little way, before my voyage here ends. People make bucket lists of the places they wish to visit or the things they want to accomplish, don’t they? I think that’s a great idea actually, don’t you? Also I have always been the ‘To-do List’ kind of a person. Well you know the person who makes a list for day-to-day chores in life? So along those very lines why not a list for my time on earth? Why not a list for the things I would like to do before my time here is up?

There are probably a zillion things I would like to do before I die which I couldn’t possibly jot down in a moment’s notice. So let me just list 10 of those which come to my mind as I type this.

10. I want the use of motorcycles to be banned, even if for a day. Don’t ask why? Let’s just say this is due to a nasty incident from this morning. Trust me it would save me from punching atleast a dozen motorcyclists before I bid adieu.

9. Have my personal library with all the books in this world, my own space with all the stories ever written. And no I wouldn’t share it with anyone.

8. Breathe in the sweet smell of the day when I am no longer an outsider in my country. Be it Shillong, Gorakhpur or Bangalore; in every town or city that I have lived in people have made me feel that it’s their city and not mine because I don’t speak the local language there. I hate to feel like an outsider in my own country. Why should I? No I don’t wish to sermonize but it’s just something that I really, really hope translates into reality before I take off.

7. Buy a house with picket fences and bow windows. Well this has been my dream ever since I learnt the meaning of one’s own house. Though I have to make do with an apartment now, I wish someday I can live in my dream house too. And I also wish to have a big balcony swing in it where I could sit and read all my favourite books.

6. I want to wake up with glowing luscious hair on my head one day. I always thought that my Einstein-like, gravity defying hair would transform into something wonderful when I grow up. But alas that never happened but still I hope it miraculously does before I lose my life, let alone my hair permanently!

5.  I wish to God that before I die He lets me settle scores with those nincompoops who made swipe in and swipe out compulsory in a certain company I may or may not work in!

4. Live to see the day when a genius wife invents that ultimate machine which turns flour directly into fluffy hot rotis. Yes, that’s something every woman in India wishes for and I’m no different!

3. To win a bumper prize in a shopping mall where I am allowed to pick anything I want for free in an hour’s span as the rest look on! I had seen an episode of Denis the Menace along the same lines when I was a child and ever since then I have been wishing for it to happen to me too. Silly but wouldn’t it be great if it did materialize?

2. Travel across Europe and immerse in its beauty. But just travel mind you not live there. I just want to wear beautiful dresses and travel along those mesmerizing cities and towns. Naïve I know but what can I do that’s what I want?

1.  You would probably say that every Tom, Dick and Harry these days wants to write a book. Well it might be true and you have every right to judge me but before I close my eyes permanently I wish to see my name as the author of a good book. There I said it!

So what are the 10 things you wish to do before the final bell rings? And what did you think about mine?