The Bangle Tangle

It’s not always that you meet people, even though in the virtual world, whose thoughts and viewpoints mirror your own. It’s rare but it does happen. Rajrupa Gupta, the author of ‘The Crazy Algorithm of Love’ is one such writer and blogger friend of mine. Her blog ‘Riot of Random’, her take on the world, the view through her looking glass, is one that I feel very familiar with.

So when she asked me to write a post for her blog how could I not?


My concerned neighbour: “Where are your bangles?”

Me: Err...what bangles!?

*Confused by her question I look into my hands wondering if I had been wearing something which was now lost*

My concerned neighbour: Shakha,Pola? (Red and white conch shell and a red wax/lac bangles respectively which signify a married Bengali woman)

Me: Ohh .. I didn’t wear it today.

My concerned neighbour: But you are married?

Me: Yes, I know that aunty.

*Mom looks at me with an amusing expression*

My concerned neighbour: All you modern girls, what’s with not following traditions?

Me: Traditions? Ohh… I am married and a girl so I need to carry symbols of that?

*And I laugh to hide the fact that I am annoyed with her*

My concerned neighbour: Yes and your mom wears them too? It’s bad not to wear them you know.

Me: Well aunty I respect my mother’s choice and the fact that she understands it’s my choice if I choose to wear them or not....

*I smile and an uncomfortable pause follows*

Me: More tea aunty?

*And I get up to move towards the kitchen lest I cross any sort of line*

It happened again, my bangle tangle

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