My Blackberry Crush!

To drink or not to drink, is not really the question. But what to drink certainly is! 

Would you be surprised if I said that my foray into the world of vodkas, wines and tequilas began with the humble Breezer? Not shocking is it? Yes, a few years back it was with Breezer, Cranberry flavor to be precise, that I got introduced into the world of grown-ups who took an occasional drink or two for pleasure. Of course, since then dare I say that things have moved along at a greater pace? And today fortunately or unfortunately I am the Infamous Wine Drinking Woman Indiblogger from Bangalore who stood in front of a packed house during an Indimeet helping Rajiv Makhni test an app for detecting alcohol level in blood. Well I certainly hope I don’t come across as an alcoholic, but to be honest I do love my drink within limits ofcourse! Don’t judge me, I am after all a girl and in the words of Cyndi Lauper Girls just want to have fun, right?

Though it was the Cranberry Flavor with which I began my breezy journey with Breezer, I must say it is the Blackberry Crush flavor I have a crush on!

Such is my love for Blackberry Crush that every time I see someone with a Blackberry phone in their hands I have this intense itch to tell them that ‘that’s the wrong Blackberry you’ve got there my friend!’ Laughable, perhaps, but surely plausible!

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I do consider myself a seasoned campaigner when it comes to a drink or two on weekends; well alright not just two maybe a couple more! But who’s counting? When I graduated in the drinking department, I wanted something more than the elementary flavors I had begun with. Well the heart wants what the heart wants; in this case it wanted something different. That’s when I put my hands on the Breezer that became a regular in my fridge - Blackberry Crush!  Every Friday like clockwork when my husband picked up beer, I picked up the Blackberry that I was infatuated with and could drink too! Well it should not be a shocker since I work in the IT industry. And trust me dealing with annoying managers in this industry is a hell of a lot easier after a drink or two.

What I like about Blackberry Crush is that it has an intense flavor, much more than any other Breezer that I have had till date! The color, the tang, I relish it all when it comes to Blackberry Crush. It’s not too sweet and thankfully I don’t feel like I’m having juice and not an alcoholic beverage when it’s in my hand! I love the vaguely heady feeling it brings, a stress buster for me for sure. A slightly tipsy me along with Blackberry Crush in my hand, seated in the easy chair in my balcony in a star-lit breezy night fragrant with the aroma of barbeque by the side is a time I particularly look forward to.

I personally don’t like anything too sweet; anything too sugary makes me cynical especially when it comes to a drink for it hardly does what it is supposed to! Well you get what I mean right? Why would I choose an alcoholic beverage if I wanted something sweet, that’s a job for cakes in my world! Truth be told, I need some spunk in my drink. A wishy-washy drink never does the trick for me, if anything at all it just makes me miserable. And since I already have enough ‘bland’ people in my office for that, why would I want it in my drink as well! I need something exciting, something sharp. Blackberry Crush has that berry that makes it very enticing!
So the Breezer that does the trick for me is Blackberry Crush without a doubt!