Book Review - The Curse of that Night

Title: The Curse of that Night....She lived forever

Written By: Rochak Bhatnagar

About Rochak Bhatnagar (From the book) –

Rochak’s first novel, Love Happens only Once, published in 2011 became a national bestseller within a couple of months.

Rochak’s second novel, One Life, One Love, a sequel to Love Happens only Once, too, shot up the charts.

Rochak Bhatnagar is an engineer by profession but writing romantic fiction and crime thriller is his passion. Rochak did his schooling from Amity International School Delhi, going on to Gautam Budh Technical University, Lucknow.

Inspired by the events around his environs, his stories are realistic with a hidden message for the readers.

Currently residing in New Delhi, he loves to pen down his thoughts and interact with his fans whenever free.

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ISBN:  978-9380914664

Cover Price: Rs. 140.00

Rating:  3.5/5

Something about the book (from the book’s cover):

Five years since his father passed away, he is left with none but just one aim in life... ‘Make Money’- Abhijeet Raichand, the highest paid lawyer in Delhi.

Rohan Raichand, a bookie and a drug dealer. He too has a single aim... ‘Make Money’, by killing Abhijeet Raichand , his elder brother.

He loved her, but she loved him even more – Malvika Singh, Abhijeet’s secretary turned fiancée.

He wanted his sister to get the best of education- Darsh, an orphan.

One night...One sinful crime...A lifetime of curse...

When it all changed...Life took a turn....

When...She was brutally....RAPED....

Now for my View:

If you have been a regular on my blog then I’m sure you are aware how I feel about issues related to women. Very strongly, if I may say so, hence when along came a book with a message about ‘Rape’, I couldn’t let that go unread, could I?

I don’t know about others but whenever I visit Delhi a chill runs down my spine. It’s not that rapes and other atrocities with women don’t happen in any other part of my country, but Delhi just gives me Goosebumps. Even Guwahati which is where my parents are settled now is not safe for women; Bangalore where I work is also a place where I have heard horrible stories about mishaps with women; Pune where my sister lives is another city with scary reminisces of horrific crimes against women . So basically no place in India can be considered safe but whenever I land in Delhi I feel very anxious. But I shouldn’t right? It’s the capital of my country and I have beautiful memories of visiting it as a child. So why am I scared now?

Perhaps it’s due to the cases I read about in papers, which again I must add are not exclusive to Delhi. Somewhere the horrific fates of Priyadarshani Mattoo, Jessica Lal and the very recent Nirbhaya have affected my reaction towards this great city which I know is not fair. It makes me aware of the low tolerance level of men and the things they can do if shunned. But I won’t be wrong to say that this fear is the same for millions of women across this country and their families.

Today women’s safety is a burning issue and every individual with a steady head on their shoulders must be affected by the horrific cases happening around us. So I guess the same was for Rochak, he surely must have been affected by this malignant disease called Rape plaguing our society and perhaps that’s why he wrote this story. And kudos to him for that!

The tale of an innocent women being raped and the fight to seek justice for her, that’s Rochak’s book for me. The interpersonal relationships and bonds between the characters is another aspect of this wonderful book. The dilemmas of choosing right and wrong, the fear of facing the society, the police, the judiciary and the journey towards justice, that’s The Curse of that Night for you. But the best part for me is the way an important issue has been highlighted.

Blend of fiction and information!

Rochak in this book not only tells you a tale but also talks about various nuances of laws that every citizen must know. Well atleast I hope so for it seems to be researched.

Another facet of the book that scored for me was that the author attempted to give every character substance and not leave some as mere caricatures. How far he was successful? Well I’d say considerably. It’s not easy to do that, and while he could have done better (there’s always room for improvement right), what you get to read is not bad at all.

There are some places in the book where I felt something was amiss but that’s only towards the beginning. The culmination was good and made it a good read.

The very fact that Rochak wrote a book to influence young readers about this important issue made him get all the right ticks in my review card. While he could have written some bubblegum romantic fiction, he chose a serious topic. Now that’s what writers should do. Thanks Rochak and we surely need more writers like you. When young minds read and decipher the message in these stories perhaps a part of our problems will be solved. So please give The Curse of that Night a chance. Read it, if not for anything else then for the message it carries.