The Obsession With Fair Skinned Women

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Open any of the matrimonial sites online or glance through the section for ‘wanted brides’ in newspapers. What do you see there? I for one see our regressive society’s sick mentality strewn all across. Yes, I see yet another example of our country’s pathetic attitude towards women as I read the words ‘Seeking a fair girl’ recurring in almost every ad. I don’t know what our fascination with lighter skin color is! I truly don’t but I do know it’s one of the most malignant maladies plaguing our society today.

What do you make of a prospective groom’s sister asking the potential bride why the color of her feet is darker than her face? What sense does it make? Or, what purpose does it serve rather?

A woman is so much more than her skin color. Whether fair or dark how does skin color come into the equation; that too when it comes to a woman? A man can be dark but he’s acceptable? A man can even look like an ogre but still our society warrants his ridiculous objection to a bride with a dark complexion? Why the prejudice?

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