When my rants were heard by the Foodpanda!

Kitchen! The more I run away from it, the more the universe conspires to push me towards it!

My midweek crisis this unfortunate week took a new high when the swarming of relatives pushed me to that corner of the house I absolutely detest! The Kitchen! My rants in this post thus are all about the pains of cutting, chopping, washing, frying; in short cooking! Hence, bear with me!

Truth be told if I’d have my way, there would be no kitchen in my home and I’d solely survive on takeaways or ready to eats!  

I miss those times in my life when all I had to do was eat and never bother about how to actually cook them in the heat!

I don’t know how women do it. I don’t even know how my mother did it and even does it so now! But I after over two years of cooking seriously realize that it’s the most thankless job in the whole darn world. And I for one loath it with all my heart!

With the overflow of emotions towards this particular activity, I realize how much I value the words ‘Home Delivery’. Infact, there was specifically a corner in my house filled with pamphlets from restaurants with their menu and phone numbers. In a perfect world, my kitchen would be a haven with only those brochures in sight! But the world is far from perfect, isn’t it?

So when I moved to my new home a month back, I was grief stricken at the loss of value of my precious leaflets!  More than me however, my husband was horrified for those were his defenses to deal with an extremely cranky, kitchen hating wife. He urgently needed the aid of home delivery to maintain the status quo befitting a peaceful home! And it was then that a website I had heard about from a like-minded friend came into picture, http://www.foodpanda.in.

It’s pretty simple actually. All he had to do was enter our city and locality to find those magical kitchens that would shield him from the wrath of an unhappy wife! Considering we shifted to a place in the middle of nowhere, it was a relief to know there infact were restaurants holding the fort even there!

With options of paying online, deals of the week, reviews of restaurants, information on delivery fee and minimum order value as well; let’s just say foodpanda.in replaced many a bookmark on my browser! Infact, the website even has apps for Android and iOS users! Great food, anytime, anywhere! What more could I’ve asked for?

Foodpanda.in with its four simple steps-location, restaurant, delivery and payment- freed me of all my kitchen woes!

So today when I feel bruised and battered for having spent the better part of the previous two days in the kitchen, I can’t help but think of foodpanda.in for my rescue. Well, it’s all about feeding the guests right? What difference does it make whether I cook or simply order!
Visit : www.foodpanda.in