The 2030 Shopping Wand

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! We women just love it all, don’t we?

‘Shopping’ just the mention of this delightful word is enough to get those dollar signs rolling out on to our heart’s slot machines. This word has magical powers; it’s the abracadabra of women’s world!  Well men do shop too but let’s just be honest here when it comes to influencing the world of shopping it’s the women who rule the roost!

‘Shopping’ as women we love it, practice it and even fight for it. It’s our passion, it’s in our veins. It’s our passion and we are genetically programmed for it! We move about stores frantically during sales and even race to the finish towards that last piece of the catalogue’s black dress in the aisle. We grow up listening to shopping sagas from our mothers, aunts and sisters. Infact even the tricks of shopping, like secret family recipes, are handed down generations. It’s therapeutic and has a calming effect on the fairer sex.

The great shopping tribe, Women, have been responsible for this consumer driven economy that thrives in the world today and trust me it’s not going to be much different 17 years down the line in 2030 as well. But yes the way we shop is certainly going to change! But have you ever wondered what would it be like? There was a time when clothes were ferried on foot in localities; a time when people shopped from the verandas of their homes with the salesman seated at their doorstep; then came the shops which grew fancier with the passage of time, then the malls and now the world shops with the click of their mouse. The last few steps within a timeframe of a few years! So in almost two decades from now, there’s no doubt that shopping would be revolutionized!

Truly the avenues of shopping in the present day are so exhilarating that I can only wonder how advanced and dare I say magical it would be in the future!

Picture this, its 2030 and you are in your warm cosy bed on a Friday night after an exhausting week at work, reading Dan Brown’s 50th novel. All you want to do is to snuggle up with a blanket, a glass of red wine, Kenny G in the background and that book. But then suddenly, as if miraculously cured of amnesia, you are reminded of your college reunion which is on the very next day. Now, you can’t go back to that hell hole of a place without looking your best; after all the Mean Girls, even though now old and wrinkly, would be there too! You realise it’s an emergency and you need to shop! But at midnight where would you go? What do you do? Do you cancel on the reunion? No, not at all; for 17 years down the line you would be able to shop from the comforts of your very own home at any time of the day! Or, in this case night!

I think it would be something virtual! I imagine a special electronic device called the shopping wand! It would be a device as tiny as your compact or lip-stick. It would be small enough to fit right into your hands and would come in various colours. With a super duper hi tech chip within it, the wand would project on the press of a button a listing of all the shops, malls and boutiques in the world onto your wall. That’s not all; you would be able to select any shop by clicking on the names in the projection. And viola a portal would open infront of you that would take you to that very store! Yes, exciting isn’t it! The best part though would be that the store needn’t be in your city or country either. It could be anywhere in the world and all you would need to step into it would be that magical, electronic wand! And then without having to burn that extra petrol to drive down to a mall, you would be in the midst of dresses, shoes, accessories and more. And then the icing on the cake would be when you step back into your room through the portal carrying your shopping bags along! Now that is how shopping should and perhaps would be as we move deeper into the 21st century!

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