Of the Rapturous Belle Wild

Nonchalance yet a curious zest,
Strides of a wild river blessed,
Brisk and abrupt,
Obscure with teasels plucked,
Faint cadence of trinkets’ sway,
Dancing, oblivious and gay,
Untouched, unscathed,
In life’s melee unfazed.

Tresses in a glorious fray,
Ringlets; innocence betray,
Casing those cheeks flushed,
Velvet patches with glee gushed,
Depth in eyes azure,
Dreams; simple, yes demure,
Of time, of peace, of thee,
Living shackles free!

Fresh as the dew drops wet,
Reeling turbulent waters, no fret,
Basking in the shimmering rays fresh,
Easing through life’s tangled mesh,
With nothing temporal along,
Humming earth’s serene song,
I wish I smiled,
As a rapturous belle wild!