Woman - What is her worth?

If you are a regular on my blog, you’d probably know how I feel on topics related to women. Perhaps it has got to do with my being one or it might just be due to the unfavorably skewed social fabric for women; the reason could be either or both! The simple fact is we need to voice out the concerns of women loud and clear, over and over again, to eradicate the petty prejudices that plague the world we live in. So here I am again writing on a topic close to my heart, about WOMEN & for WOMEN!

About a month back Sunita who writes at SuKupedia™ !!! honored me by giving me the opportunity to pen a guest post for her blog. I love her blog. She has this amazing ability to write on a wide range of topics and that too with panache! Ofcourse, I also love the name she chose for her blog, I wish I had thought of something like that too! 

So when she contacted me for a few days I wondered what would be the topic apt for a post on her diverse blog. It is then that I realized what better than a post for WOMEN written by a WOMAN on a WOMAN’s blog! After all, it is us women who need to keep sounding the warning bells for our sisters around the world as often as we can!

So here’s an effort from Sunita and I towards keeping women’s issues on the forefront. Hope you like it and more importantly think about it.


What is the worth of a woman in your eyes? Is she only someone’s daughter or wife? Is her life only defined by the dishes she cooks for her husband and family? Is her life only for smoothing out the creases in her family’s life? Is being a cook and cleaner all that is there to her existence? What is the worth of a woman?

During a conversation with an acquaintance a few months back, I realized again how awfully narrow minded our society’s perception of the fairer sex really is. Abysmal and depressing to say the least! Everything related to the female gender is scoffed at by this perennially pathetic society of ours. It makes me sad and angry at the same time. I don’t know about you but I certainly feel India is among those countries where women are viewed only through the tainted glasses of prejudice. We as a society are extremely regressive when it comes to women which believe me is not a pleasant thing to know especially when you yourself are a woman.

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