Fragrant Innocence – Trampled & Lost!

The fragrant air at dawn,
The scented first rays past the morning yawn,
The lingering chilly yet saccharine morning breeze,
The pine laden hint of coniferous trees,
The muddy yet odorous first rain of the season sweet,
The honeyed air of the twinkling starry fleet,
The syrupy smile of a little girl dear,
With her sweetened candy and bubble cheer,
We love them all! We love them all!
For they are scents of purity and innocence et al!

There is this corner in my home, my favourite corner once, full of Barbie dolls and toys, all from my childhood days. And for some reason every inch of it, the scent of the dolls and teddy bears et al speaks of innocence and of cheerful years. Maybe if that carefree life had a fragrance that would be it; always striking the chord of a child’s growing up years.

Yes not too long ago that very sweet scent of innocence could be felt, untainted, in the whiff of every little girl’s candy and puppets. Yes, that of a girl child just about knee high, who with a smiling face loved to flaunt her pretty pony tails adorned by pink ribbons. And all you thought about after seeing her, happy and blithe, was to take care of her. She ran around with joy and came to you with a heart full of love devoid of any inhibitions. That was the portrait of a child, a girl child you would most certainly hug and love. Picture perfect, isn’t it?

But that portrait is now somehow wrecked and the once fragrant child, now lost. You can search and search for the child but what lingers now is the dreadful odor of fear and helplessness. What remains now is the foul smell of blood and gore, of pain and hurt, of death and loss. Why you ask? Anywhere you go, whether the scenic hills or the quaint azure shores, all that accompanies you now is the dreadful reality and staunch smell of degrading humanity. For every other day, a child and her innocence is torn apart, in fact snatched away, by demons walking this earth. How can you and I then witness the joys of any girl child’s growing up years? Or, even reminisce about it a few years down the line, when the present reeks of menace and gloom?

With the passage of each day, the world seems to be receding away from morality. Just today I read about a 9 year old girl, just 9, found in slush, gang raped by her cousin brother and his two friends. No, they didn't give her chocolate, milk or brownies. They didn't protect her like brothers are supposed to. And they definitely didn't treat her like a child is supposed to be treated.  What they managed is to cross every possible threshold of humanity by slashing her with knifes after their ravenous libido was gratified! Or, was it at all?

This is the world we live in today. How can you or how can anyone then revel in the scent of innocence? How can we reminisce of the fragrant childhood which is all but lost; what remains sadly is the sullied and sickening stench of rotting souls.

Every girl child is like a pretty little flower blooming in your garden. Their trusting and pure hearts are like those scented blooms. Can you imagine a garden with flowers, all decayed and rotten? Or, a garden with flowers that refuse to blossom? Gloomy and miserable isn't it, without the bright colors and the traces of their sweet smell in your bow windows? If the decay in our souls, in our society’s soul is not healed, then the day is not too far when every girl child would grow up devoid of the fragrance of life, devoid of her sweet-scented childhood. If things don’t change for the better, there will be a time when dolls wouldn't remind one of the pleasures of being a child but the fear that came with it.

Today when I walk to my doll house with my Barbie and Ken placed next to my old stock of toys, the scent reminds me of the horror every parent must go through these days. It reminds me how even the prettiest dolls in the biggest of houses may not guarantee pleasant memories. It reminds me of the shadowy figures that lurk in the guise of brothers, friends and sometimes even fathers! The sweetness of the scent of childhood is now accompanied by the bitter realization of loss, the loss of our humane side.

So don’t you think it’s time we fight to get the heady scent of childhood back? Isn't it time to sprinkle the perfume of love, care and everything humane into our world, so that our girls, all the young baby girls in our world, enjoy a carefree and fearless future? Maybe then one day in the distant future they can reminisce about it happily while holding on to their dolls, lost in the elusive scent of their blissful past!

With a whiff of love,
Resolve as if from high above.
Adrift in the darkness of the night?
Nay! Never give up the fight!
Listen! Hear those merry giggles,
Stop! Witness those smiley freckles!
Oh yes for the scent, sweet and mild,

Of a happy and precious little girl child!

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