Trendier during work-out with a little help from Jabong!

Just the other day I was bragging about fitting into my five year old jeans to my husband but I should have known better to keep my mouth shut. I teased him that it was a luxury he no longer enjoyed thanks to his expanding waistline. No the credit doesn’t go to my cooking skills. Infact, since I mostly don’t cook the take-away restaurant next door is what deserves the praise to get him to this point. But let’s not digress here. The thing is I should have known that these jokes would come back to bite me in the rear. Seriously! 

Perhaps it was the fruit of my taunt that I had to reap or karma that all of a sudden I just couldn’t fit into my favourite kurti anymore. I had bought it when I first started working. Yes, it was really special and used to fit me to a tee! Needless to say my heart broke as I reluctantly handed that over to my maid. I was holding on to it for life as she resolutely pulled it away. Well, if I couldn’t use it atleast her daughter could!

I couldn’t let myself bloat up like a boat, if you know what I mean! I had to do something. But what? The answer was the gym at office. The memory of my kurti begged me to work out and there I was at the entrance of the sacred gym waiting to get my body back come what may. 

But before I could get onto any of the treadmills or use any of the other equipments, I realized what a misfit I was. Yes, I looked out of place due to the clothes I had worn. While everyone else at the gym looked perfectly dressed to burn calories and get back in shape, I looked like a lost soul out for an evening walk. No, I couldn’t stand there any longer. I had to go back to equip myself better for the picture-perfect start to my workout regime. I know workout is all about working out and not the gear but what can I do I’m a girl! I need to look my best almost all the time you see. 

So there I was exploring jabong to dress myself up for the occasion. Alright to dress myself for a workout! The website had launched the exclusive Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Sports Collection and I actually found a lot of things I could use in there!

Since I will have to jog in the mornings, the first thing I had to pick was shoes. Since morning walks are a perfect way to begin your day and work out regime, it was imperative that I own an awesome pair of shoes for the same. And this is what I finally picked up for that very purpose.

But of-course I can’t wear the shoes without socks. Hence, these are the socks that I picked to complement my shoes.

Next item on my list was a t-shirt, comfortable yet trendy for which I chose this.

And this capri would go perfectly with the t-shirt. What can I say I kind of have a fetish for all clothes black!

I would of-course need to drink water during my morning walks and runs. I would also get thirsty during work outs. So this is what I got to serve that purpose.

I decided to get this wrist band as well. Well, the attire needs to be complete right!

So what are you waiting for? Get trendy, get fit! Jabong’s there to help you in the former!

This post is written for blog contest by online shopping website, on the occasion of launching the exclusive Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Sports Collection