Stop and Live

Stop and listen,
Stop and see,
Stop and breathe,

But it is so hard to Stop, isn’t it? It’s practically impossible to stop and deviate from this mundane routine we have grown to know as life! But is it that difficult really? Think about it. What if I perish from this world tomorrow? What then? All the plans and investments for the future, what good would they be of anyway? So shouldn’t I stop? Infact shouldn’t we all stop and actually live for a change? So I don’t know about you, but I sure need to make more time.

I need to stop and take in the scent of the fresh air sweet. I need to get wet and play in the rain. I need to laugh with my loved ones. I need to witness the everyday miracles on this earth. But for all of these I need to make time!

I need to walk bare feet on a white sandy beach. I need to see the waves recede. I need to feel the chill of the winter wild. I need to play with the snow. So shouldn't I make time for all of these?

I need to read all the stories in every great book ever written. I need to write my story too. I need to just stop and listen to my heart beat. I need to see the sweet smiles that make me complete. Yes, for all these and more I need to make time!

I need to LIVE and that would be my life’s greatest feat! I need to make each moment simple yet a serene treat. 

I need to listen to each of my heart's whispers. I need to watch the sun set. I need to see the starry skies. I need to write those unwritten poems. All this and more, much precious than some code flow!

I need to stop running a race where the finish line forever recedes. I need to make time to smell the neglected rose growing in my balcony. I need to make time for myself. I am precious too you know. I need to make time for my desires and put my employer’s desires on the back-burner for a change. I need to make time for people whose lives would stop if mine would.

I need to stop, look around and take in as much as I can before it’s too late. I need to LIVE for its not every day that the realization of life whirling away dawns! So will you join me? Will you STOP and LIVE too? Will you?

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