Review: Dove’s new Intense Repair Range

‘A girl is a girl is a girl!’ No matter how hard she tries to be excluded from the clichéd category of women finicky about their appearance; yet she falls prey to the anxiety almost as regularly as men complain about their girlfriends and wives! So like every other demure damsel, I too end up stressing over the length, texture, quality and color of my hair over and over again. Any adjective to do with hair, you name it and I’d have worried about it at some point in time! It’s a cycle that repeats itself like the full moon or the aurora borealis. No, I ain’t no vampire! I’m just a normal girl whose brain is auto-programmed to worry about her hair. 

Curly to straight, straight to curly, semi curly to semi straight and vice-versa, I’ve been there and done that. The funny part is though I go months ignoring my hair and its horrible state. But then momentary realization dawns; after which I end up spending my hard earned money in an effort to rescue my dying hair. Come to think of it, it is a mystery how my hair has even managed to survive the numerous torturous treatments I subjected it to for the sole purpose of feeding my fancy. And this despite the fact that my hair is like an Indian Mother-in-law defiantly reluctant to shower love on her daughter-in-law, which in this case is me. As mindless as the comparison sounds, but trust me it’s true!

The latest hair mantra that I’ve been following religiously is oiling my hair. Ofcourse, how effectively I oil my hair is a different story altogether. What eventually happens is that I end up emptying half a bottle of hair oil in a day. I mean if oil is good for hair, then the more the oil the better would be the result right! Well, ofcourse half of the oil from my scalp goes to my unsuspecting pillow covers and bedroom walls. The rest which remain hang precariously to my strands while only a nominal percentage reaches the roots. But that’s not even half of my problems. The actual difficulty is washing away the oil the next day. And believe me getting rid of oil is as hard as getting rid of unwanted relatives. So unless the shampoo you choose is actually good, you could eventually end up spending more than a day with that oily head of hair.

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Here’s where Dove comes in for me. I mean I have tried some excessively pricey shampoos too. Infact my bathroom shelf is full of shampoos of different brands. I know it’s not a good practice but then what is really? The fact is whenever I need to fight off the oil in my scalp, its Dove that ends up giving me the desired results. This time it was Dove’s new Intense Repair Range. And I’ve got to tell you that considering the amateurish manner in which I oil my hair (with an amount sufficient to cook meals for atleast a family of four) any shampoo getting rid of that much oil earns all the right checks in my book.

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Dove has always been kind to my hair and this time too it wasn’t too different. Dove’s new Intense Repair Range is fragrant just like all the other flavors of Dove. It has ¼ moisture milk, enhanced with Keratin Actives which is supposed to heal damaged hair. And since my hair is the superlative of damaged, I can surely say that using it definitely made my hair feel softer. It promises to rebuild hair at the cellular level, which I still have to see considering I just used it once. But on the smoothness front it’s a definite winner.  The best part for me though was that it helped me get rid of all the oil in my hair in just one wash. Another concern that it fought off is the hair fall associated with using a conditioner. Dove’s new Intense Repair Range, though used only once so far, proved to be quite good in that respect with considerable lower hair fall. And the mask! How can I forget that? The smell and the magic it wove on my hair was honestly a rare blessing. So I think I’ll use it again. Who knows maybe Dove’s new Intense Repair Range is the magical cure that I have been looking for treating my hair!

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