No Place for 'Her' in this world!

With tiny hands,
And little toes,
With a smile so sweet,
And dimples too,
She crawls to you,
With hopes of love,
But all she wins is a bitter shove,
For there’s no place for HER in this world!
Oh it’s a Girl! It’s a Girl!
And there’s no place for HER in this world!

A woman is the one who bestows the gift of life but sadly it is her life that is not valued by any.

Why this apathy towards the girl child?

When you see a woman give an account of how she strangled and buried eight of her baby girls without a trace of regret, you realize the low level to which society has stooped.

What have we come to? Where have we reached as a nation, as a world infact, where gender preferences have led us down the heartbreaking path of killing innocent babies without remorse?

This video where Evan Grae Davis talks about Gendercide and the appalling preference for male child, even in today’s world, lifts the veil from a horrific fact that we choose to ignore. Girls are as unwanted today as they were probably a century ago, perhaps even more. 

Isn’t it sad when you are told that the words ‘It’s a girl’ are the three deadliest words in the world? What’s wrong with being a girl? Or, what makes a girl a bane for her family or society? No, the fault doesn’t lie with the girl, it lies with the society. However, the sad part is that instead of changing its antediluvian ways, the society believes in annihilating something as precious as a girl!

Why is a girl child so unwanted? Why is she looked upon as a liability? Why is she thought to be better off dead than alive? Why is this wonderful sentence which says ‘It’s a girl’ dreaded so much? Why?

Is it because she would have to be married off by paying huge amounts of money in the form of dowry or as they say ‘gifts for the precious groom’s side’? But where’s the fault of the child in this? She didn’t ask the society to have this pathetic norm of dowry on the pretext of traditions. She didn’t ask the society to make it a norm that everything from under-garments to Jewellery for the groom’s side needs to be provided by her parents? Did she? No she certainly didn’t!

Is it because without dowry the girl wouldn’t be married? So what? Marriage isn’t the culmination of everything good in life, so why the stigma attached to being unmarried? It is the society that hides its inadequacy by making this an issue. Again, not the fault of a girl, is it?

Is it because as per some ridiculous norms girls need to leave their parental home after marriage? Is it because after marriage these girls are not expected or sometimes even prevented from taking care of their own parents? Is that what makes a boy a better investment than a girl? But why may I ask? Why can’t a girl take care of her parents? If this is to appease a certain archaic societal pattern, then whose fault is it? A girl’s? No it’s certainly not!

Is it because the problems of eve teasing, acid attacks or even rapes are evils suffered by a girl and her family alone? But again it’s not her fault, is it? Shouldn’t the men who commit these crimes be punished instead of the girl? Isn’t she just a victim in all these? Why kill her to prevent something that is not even her own doing?

I don’t know where we are headed to. I don’t know what can change the perspective and the ways of this anti-women society of ours. But I do know that if we don’t make an effort now a time will come when there will be no more girls to kill at birth. Why you ask? For the simple reason that there won’t be any women left to bear a child, whether a girl or boy! Who would you kill then?

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