Girls masked and muted

Not sure if heaven exists but if there is a place called hell then its right here on earth and a good part of it seems to be located in our own country. I don’t know about you but to me it seems that our great India is full of Satans in the form of perverted men!  Think about it why else would there be so many cases of atrocities against women day after day, every damn day?

Stories of women being raped and murdered keep appearing in papers. And not as one off cases but over and over again. This certainly isn’t something that is normal for a civilized society. Acid attacks by spurned lovers, torture by annoying in-laws or blatant outrage of a woman’s modesty seem to be the norm. It appears to be something that people are not even bothered about anymore? So much apathy in a country where hypocrites fast for nine days to win favours from a Goddess! Disgusting!

They don’t want women to be educated. And yes they want women to cook and clean their houses as they lead their petty lives. Go a step further and they don’t even want women to express themselves. All they want is to satisfy their libidos as they move from one woman to another blatantly. Yes, that’s what these uneducated and uncouth men of this country want. And why only blame the illiterate men? Majority of men of this country are such, barring a select few. How else would anyone explain such alarming rates of crimes against women?

If I think deeply I realise that the mental makeup of our society makes it easier for men to commit heinous acts against women and get away with it. Think about the case of the innocent girl in Delhi who was gang-raped in a moving bus. What happened to those savage men? Have they been punished yet? I guess the human rights activists would be happy to see the men safe and sound in jail!

It disgusts me that I am a woman in this pre-historic society where it is alright to label a female characterless but not okay to stand up for her. From minute things at home to the terrible crimes we read about, our society has made it easier for men to flash their third leg and get away with it carrying a mocking smile on their faces. Men only want women to sacrifice and tolerate in silence failing which they just become an inconvenience to be done away with.

We project ourselves to be a modern and tolerant country but we sure aren’t close to being one. Prejudice against women starts at an early age when she is told that she needs to be the one taking care of the house. Bias starts when she is told to be careful about the way she dresses. Why aren’t men told to be different and considerate? Why all the adjustments are burdened upon females as if they are nothing but beasts of burden?

Even educated and well settled women are not spared from the narrow-mindedness. This being the case with the supposedly blessed few, then what about the condition of millions of women in rural India?

Girls are agonized for apparently that is what our outdated culture teaches us. Men are spared all the bull-shit for they are superior, again according to our redundant traditions. From being forced to cover their heads in the name of respect for elders to being murdered for attempting to speak their mind, women in this country go through all. And the sad part is nobody gives a damn.

If this anarchy continues, then it won’t be long that our so called society crumbles. And perhaps that is the best thing to happen to this country. Perhpas! Well frankly a country where girls are masked and muted doesn’t deserve anything but annihilation and decay.