Fight your Spite!

Full of bitterness and spite,
Buried tears of rage in her heart reside,
Such her dislike for his ominous might.
In starry restless nights,
Silently sobbing; terrified by his smite,
With not a soul to share the fear of his ghastly sight!

Once a kind heart like a candle burning bright,
With love and ardor for the world outside,
But now wrecked with hostility inside,
Such is her sorry plight.
As wreaking havoc, towards her, he strides,
Smirking at her quivered might,
She lives a prisoner to his rules vile.

But fight, my dear fight,
He deserves not you doing right.
Forsake his fear, change life’s tide.
Escape! Far away from his world alight.
Disown the suffocation! You decide,
To never see him! Yet again be the candle bright!

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