Draw of Love - II

***Continued from Draw of Love - I***

9:15 am

“Pat!!” screamed Larry as he was thrown out of the car. Patrick lay with his eyes closed and sunk into a different world. And when he woke up he was at his door at home waiting to leave for work.

“Carol. I’m getting late. Larr would be here any moment!” said Patrick.

“Happy Anniversary to you too” winked Carol as she came out of the hallway wearing the skirt that Patrick had gifted her on their first anniversary. She looked as pretty as ever. Her long curly hair reaching up to her waist and her hazel colored eyes still made his heart skip a beat or two. The sweet scent that she wore still made his heart soar. She was the embodiment of beauty in simplicity and Patrick loved her for that.

“Ohh Darn it! Don’t tell me I forgot this year too” Patrick smiled as he walked up to kiss Carol.

“You look great” he said.

“Oh well” she winked. She had fallen in love with Patrick when he was just a nervous guy eager to ask her out on a date. And till today he was the man of her dreams.

“Daddy! Why would you kiss Mommy first!” said his little princess Emma as she suddenly ran from behind Carol and jumped into Patrick’s arms. They were a perfect family. Patrick and Carol had been together ever since college. It was their fourteenth year as a couple and they not only had Emma with them but also another baby on the way. Carol was four months pregnant and they couldn’t have been happier.

“Okay.. You need to be home early today. Don’t forget that!” said Carol as she kissed him goodbye with Larry’s incessant honks at the background.

“Coming!” screamed Pat out of the window and hugged Emma before leaving for work.

As Patrick drove away with Larry, he saw Carol and Emma leave for the beach for a day of fun and games.
It was a packed day at the diner and it wasn’t until 7 in the evening that the rush subsided.

“Larr. I gotta go. You’ll handle it, won’t you?” Patrick asked as he wore his jacket and got ready to leave.

“Yeah! Sure man. Have fun!” Larry said as he disappeared back in the kitchen to fetch the next order.

As Patrick took the bus back home, he called Carol on the land line several times but there was no answer. Perhaps she was dropping Emma at the baby-sitter’s place he thought and called her on her cell the next time. But still there was no answer.

"Where are you Carol?” he thought as he looked out of the bus’s window. It was a beautiful night and the breeze made it ever more romantic. It was perfect for the night he had planned out. With one of his hands in his jacket pocket with a ring for Carol, he smiled and thanked his stars for a wonderful companion like her in his life.

It took about an hour for Patrick to reach home. He ran up the porch and pushed open the door.

“Carol! Let’s get going honey or we’ll miss our reservation. And yes I know, I know I’m sorry I’m late” he said as he walked into the kitchen. But Carol wasn’t there.

“Honey?” he called again and moved towards the hallway that lined his and Emma’s bedrooms. What lay ahead made his heart sink. Emma’s beach toys lay strewn on the floor; there was sand all around and her favourite doll crushed by something heavy. Patrick didn’t even want to think what this could mean.

“Emma? Carol?” he called out again and this time the excitement in his voice had given way to fear. He walked slowly towards his room; the door was left slightly ajar. He took a deep breath and there they were. Carol lay with her eyes open but lifeless.

“Oh God Carol” Patrick ran to her side and took her in his arms. She was wearing the same skirt that she had been wearing in the morning. There were scratch marks all over her body and her face had been hit repeatedly with something sharp.

“Wake up please” he cried and shook her as if that would bring her back to life.

His eyes suddenly caught hold of a part of a cloth. He recognized it instantly; it was Emma’s dolphin swim suit.

“Emma! Oh God Emma” saying that he hurried and pulled away the sheet that covered one side of the bed. There she was, his little angel, lying lifeless still wet and clothes full of sand. There was a tear drop that seemed to have dried on her cheeks. Everything he valued in life lay shattered in front of him. His world, his home and the cottage that they had so lovingly built had now been reduced to ruins. Patrick had lost everything that made his life worthwhile. He sat there sobbing but nothing could ever bring them back. Nothing!

And then suddenly he found himself floating through space with his eyes closed that refused to open even as he heard his name being called.

“Patrick. Can you hear me? Patrick?”


11:00 am

“Male. Late-thirties blunt force trauma to the head and lungs. Lot of blood loss” said the Para-medic as they carried Patrick to the OR. Larry had miraculously escaped being hurt too much as he had been flung from the car onto the beach. Except a few broken bones he was fine but Patrick wasn’t so lucky. He was taken to the OR directly and chances of his survival seemed bleak.

“Patrick. Can you hear me? Patrick?”


11:35 am

“Emma! Oh God Emma!” saying that Patrick suddenly woke up from a deep slumber and found himself at home. He was in the same room where Carol and Emma had been killed. He looked around and everything was just the way Carol had left it when she was alive. He hadn’t been in that room ever since that fateful day but he was there today. How?

He stood up and walked out of the room, still in a daze. The accident! He remembered being turned upside down in the car but he couldn’t recall how he got home and that too apparently unhurt. He could smell the sea sweet and could feel the mild breeze. It was silent as if the whole town was deserted. Though there were people playing in the beach and cars passing by, everything seemed mute to him. And then suddenly the door flung open and as he turned there they were in front of him, Emma and Carol.

“Daddy! You’re here! We’ve been waiting for you!” saying Emma ran to him. He couldn’t believe that he was with his baby. It was unreal but true. Carol however stood there with pain in her eyes.

“I didn’t want this for you” she said and walked towards him.

“I know. But I think this is what I wanted ever since that day more than anything else” Patrick said as he realized what had happened. He kissed her forehead and they went back to being together again. Hand in hand they walked towards an eternity of togetherness.

The sun set beyond the horizon and so did the sun of the space between Patrick and his family.


11:35 am

“Time of death 11:35” said the doctor as they stopped working on Patrick. He was dead and gone but perhaps in a happier place from there on.