Book Review- Secrets & Saris

Title: Secrets & Saris

By: Shoma Narayanan


About the Author (Few lines from the book) –

Shoma started reading Mills & Boon romances at the age of eleven, borrowing them from neighbours and hiding them inside text =books so that her parents didn’t find out. At that time the thought of writing one herself never entered her head.  A couple of years ago Shoma took up writing as a hobby and was amazed at how much she enjoyed it. Now she works grimly at her banking job through the week, and tries to balance writing with household chores during weekends. Her family has been unfailingly supportive of her latest hobby.

ISBN:  978-9351060611

Cover Price: Rs. 125.00

Rating:  3/5

Something about the book ( from the book’s cover):

A secret that could cause scandal!

Jilted at the altar, Shefali Khanna should be humiliated. Instead she takes the opportunity with two hands and plans to start all over again - this time on her terms. Top of the priority list: do not tumble headfirst into another relationship!

But even moving from Delhi to the countryside can’t keep Shefali out of trouble - especially when she catches the eye of devastatingly handsome local celeb Neil Mitra! There is no way she can risk a scandal already! He might be gorgeous, but he’s totally off-limits....right?

Now for my View:

I had never read any of the works of Shoma Narayanan earlier. So when I was asked to review her latest ‘Secrets & Saris’, I said why not?

Secrets & Saris is the story of Shefali Khanna who was deserted at the altar by her fiancé. To escape gossip and uncomfortable questions from friends and relatives she left Delhi to start over in the small town of Jabalpur. It is there that she met Neil Mitra. And there was instant chemistry between the two as they kept running into each other. Perhaps they fell in love instantly or it was just attraction.

The story moved forward while they contemplated on their feelings for each other. Just a fling or love, a temporary affair or together for lifetime; the story touched on the confusions and flip-flops that these characters went through while deciding what they wanted for each other and from each other.

The book was an easy read. I could finish it off in a day. Well what better than reading a book each day! The language and flow of the story were good as well. They got me turning one page after the other, again another positive for the book. Though the end was evident but then I’ve no complaints. What's important is the manner in which an author takes you through a story; that's what really counts. And Shoma Narayanan did a fairly good job at that.

It was a simple story. But truth be told I’m actually quite fond of unpretentious and believable tales. Secerts & Saris is one such tale.

Perhaps the characters of Shefali and Neil could have been enhanced a little more but nevertheless it’s a good one time read. 

If you happen to read Secrets & Saris; do let me know your views too!