Yay! It’s Friday!

What is it about this day really? The weather seems high on tequila and the evening musical. Why does my heart break into a fox-trot the moment the clock strikes a sexy 00:00 on a Thursday night? What is it about this day we all so fondly call - the FRIDAY!

I don’t know about you but if I’m asked by God about a day I wouldn’t like to die on, my answer almost instantly would be my favourite Friday! I love it so much that even Friday the 13th is a favorite day of mine. 

Fridays are like oasis of respite in the endless desert of banalities in our mundane lives. Don’t believe me? Well look around you right now and ask yourself why the woman next to you looks so happy while working on lines and lines of code? No, she certainly isn’t in love with her job! It is but the lure of a great Friday evening, the end of an exhausting week spent with equally exhausting and boring colleagues (you included!) that has caused her beautiful lips curve that way. And in all probability, you are happy too my friend! Yes, you are right now planning your evening to celebrate the end of a week spent in doing stuff the world tags as important.

I spend my entire week planning for my Friday evening. Whether it is simply lazing around at home or visiting the city’s best hangouts, it is the only thing that helps me fight Monday blues, mid-week crisis or even traffic woes. I wake up reluctantly in mornings, Mondays unto Thursdays, promising myself that charming Friday is just around the corner and along with it those days shielded from my cruel morning alarm.

It’s amazing how even the most tedious and humdrum activities become interesting on this day. The drive to office seems promising; the work seems light (no matter how important or urgent), the food delicious, the office inviting and the mood welcoming. All I want to do on a Friday is do nothing at all and still it becomes the best day of my week. 

Such is my love for this day that sometimes I pine for a week full of Fridays! Such is my weakness for this day that I miss it on Saturdays and mourn for it on Sundays! 

Any time now the clock would strike 17:00 on a Friday evening! It is like the long awaited school bell announcing that I can run away home and do what I have to do and not what I’m expected to do! It is the time when all of us, young or old, would rush out of this thing we call ‘office’ to actually live our lives. So what are you waiting for? Run and escape those cages for you have only so many hours left in this Friday fine!

Happy Friday!!