Managers - They know not that they know not!

They say there are four kinds of Men:
He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool—shun him;
He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is simple—teach him;
He who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleep—wake him;
      He who knows and knows he knows, he is wise—follow him!

Well, well my hands have been itching for quite a while to type something, infact anything, about a peculiar humanoid breed called ‘The Managers’! These sadistic creatures belong to the first kind- They know not and know not that they know not. If anything at all, they are a cacophonous bunch of unpleasant beings that if made extinct would actually be a great service to the world; well atleast the working world!

With an attitude as good as (read as bad as) Alexander the Great, they walk the corridors of their offices conceitedly. They are like dangerous parasitic mosquitoes waiting to bite us in the ass; to drag us down the malarial path! They are like measles and chicken pox that are bound to inflict us at some stage in our lives. To top it all, there is not even a vaccination to protect us from their deadly effects. 

They form such a boastful and arrogant lot that they forget the simple fact that the rest around them are humans too, perhaps even more human than they could be sometimes! These bigheaded creatures can very well be recognized amidst hundreds of others just by observing their demeanors. Wearing the cloak of sadism, these men and women remain forever in prowl to torment a subordinate’s soul. 

Sitting on their iron thrones in their cubicles these hare-brained beings take pleasure in tormenting their juniors. And that too when apart from some excel sheet work and countless hours yapping on call, they actually do nothing of substance at all. Well atleast not the ones who only emphasize only on the ‘manageraspect forgetting the ‘being one’ part of it!

You would find them with their blackberries and Bluetooth headsets yammering nonstop in front of lifts blocking the way for the rest. They remain in their Utopian world where they are the kings and the rest subjects. That’s not all; they expect their Managerial- rule to be extended even in the pantry where if not given priority to microwave food they attack others with their obnoxious frowns. And there’s more, they find it improbable that anyone apart from themselves could ever deserve a holiday, let alone have family life even. They are the most incoherent and pompous lot who very easily forget their days prior to ascending to the Managerial Throne!

With proactive as the favourite word in the dictionary, these scums breed in hundreds and thousands in every office, waiting for the chance to pounce upon an unsuspecting employee. A snobbish lot, they assume the world owes them a favour merely for their existence. And if anyone dares show them their reality in true light, they take out the biggest ammunition in their arsenal, no not their brains, but the appraisal card!

Well let’s just say that every manager is not cut out be a good manager; a leader! A manager could well have scaled the heights to reach where he has. But just the designation isn’t enough to make him a good one. I guess not everyone has it in him to be a good manager, one that is not out there to get us all! Clearly not as long as they stay obsessed with position instead of the true essence of it all!

Ofcourse before I end, there are some exceptions too. There are understanding and capable managers as well in this world as implausible as it might sound. But then the sane ones are just few and far in between. The ratio infact is akin to a few good apples in a basket of hundred rotten ones; well you get the idea right! I hope the few exceptions in the managerial breed, those with actual brains and hearts, would read this post in the right light and perhaps teach their Neanderthal counterparts a trick or two about being a good one!