An Elegy of Broken Friendships

Best friends they were
Soul sisters together,
Perfect with each other!
Such was their bond, magical rather,
That the cruel world neither,
Or dated norms either,
Could cause their friendship smother.
That was their illusion fair!
They believed! Resilient for each other,
Even in times of despair,
Unlike any other!

But when appeared,
Notorious bad weather,
The rapport veered sore.
Failing to stand as one,
Companions stood together no more!
Their friendship, brittle, sadly tore.
A sister each they lost,
Each other they abhorred,
Left hearts broken and crossed.
Whose fault though was the war?
Strangely they knew no more.

Years passed and seemed forever,
But they spoke no more.
Missed, they surely the other,
Hurting, all baggage they bore.
Living in world’s different corners,
They came face to face no more!
Perhaps a sight is all they needed,
To bring back the friendship they swore.
Would that happen?
Before it’s too late,
And destiny finally shuts that door!

Met when they had no one,
Left when they found the one,
But what was it worth?
Something they knew not.
Maybe the answers they sought,
Were in their hearts’ old knots,
Tangled and strained,
Perhaps still broken not,
A step or two, possibly, they ought,
Take towards the bond for which once they fought,
Giving second chance a lasting thought!