An Afternoon with Cloud on the 16th Floor

The allure of an Indiblogger meet is enormous for me, enticing to say the least. No sooner than one is announced, I rush to register for it. I might be in an intolerably boring yet important meeting; at my favourite restaurant or reluctantly cooking for all I know, but the moment I’m told that there is an Indiblogger meet in town, registering for it becomes my prime concern. It is as if attending the meet is the last thing I would get to do on this earth. It’s like tequila and I just don’t seem to get enough of it!

I pretty much had the same reaction when Microsoft #CloudBlogathon Meet was announced. With a ladle in one hand, I rushed to my laptop. With turmeric stained hands I registered for the meet in a single breath. Well not a single breath but you pretty much understand what I mean right? Ofcourse it was much to my husband’s dismay for I colored most of the laptop yellow. And also for the fact that he would have to fend for his lunch by himself on that eventful day! 

The best part about an Indiblogger meet is that I get to meet all my blogger friends. These are friends who identify with my passion for blogging and writing. I am not looked at skeptically in such meets. When I talk about a blog post or two I can expect a genuine reaction, for these are people who live and breathe the romance of it all. So the Microsoft #CloudBlogathon Meet too wasn’t any different. 

The venue was The Tower Kitchen on the 16th Floor Tower of Canberra Block, UB City. I had never been there so the prospect of meeting friends at a place known for some of the best European Cuisine in Town seemed bright enough. So off I went and scaled all the floors to reach the setting with probably one of the best views in the city. Not scaled as in Spider man scaled but using the elevator you see!

It was in the meet that Anoop asked us about that one thing we wished we had had in school or college. Well actually a lot of things came to my mind like good looking teachers for a change, even better batch mates, less exams and more fests. And yes how could I forget a canteen! It’s sad I know but there was no canteen in my college! Or might be a professor like Anoop who would begin our classes with all the ho hoos and haa haas! You can’t blame me for thinking that, can you? After all that’s what a young college going girl would probably want, wouldn’t she? 

But on a serious note what is it that would have perhaps made those years in college easier. After wrecking my brains, I realized the answer was quite simple. Accessibility to knowledge from all over the world was what we needed the most. I did my engineering from a Government College in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, and the one thing that I wished for to be available in my hostel or college in general was internet connection for all. Whether it was project work or even semester subjects, we would have to go to a cyber café to search for the information we needed. Even in the latter part of the new millennium’s first decade internet was not available to one and all. It was only after we passed out in 2007, that the work stared. Come to think of it now, I realize that we would have saved countless hours waiting for our turns or travelling to that part of town with cyber cafes, if it would have been made accessible to us when we needed it the most.

In a phase of life when we are learning, the best thing to have at our disposal is a source for knowledge or a source of all the answers to the questions we might have. We could have all the information stored in cloud these days and access it from any part of the world. Here’s where Microsoft’s Office 365 could actually come in handy. And this is not only for students but the faculty too. Considering the sort of tobacco or betel leaf chewing faculty I had in my college in Uttar Pradesh, I’d like to stress on the faculty part a bit more! Yes trust me the faculty always needs to know more.

So coming back to the meet, well there was every bit of madness that any Indiblogger Meet is known for.  Ofcourse, I being part of the mischievous gang was busy talking to my friends. What can I do I find it hard to concentrate when there are so many distractions around! Food, drinks and ofcourse my crazy friends! Hunting for the food was also fun considering it was a room full of hungry bloggers. It was amusing to see how all the prawns disappeared when they were right in front of me with hands magically appearing from behind and I stood there without being able to pick even one! Honestly it reminded me of my hostel days. Ofcourse, I had to give up early on that front for the fear of getting crushed under a wave of those very bloggers. Though I had to leave early but it was fun seeing some familiar faces, getting introduced to some new faces and ofcourse doing the crazy things that we always end up doing in Indiblogger meets! 

Well perhaps I should have listened more carefully to what was being told about Microsoft Office 365 but what can I do my attention span is too short! Never mind though as there is always the internet to find out more. Here’s where you could find more about Microsoft Office 365.

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