Heart's Silent Urge

To a distant land; far, far away,
To a haven of dreams; of desires, of love,
Where qualms linger afar at bay,
This, a reverie I magically wove.
I fly away to this tranquil quay,
Miles away from this mundane cove.
My utopian dream or a mere cliché?

By the oceanfront; walking on the wet sand alone,
Together with none except thoughts of my own,
Basking as the moon’s silver rays adorn,
The songs of youth, of yonder gone,
With the sound of a ship, a mere faint moan.
I stroll with joy on that beach intone,
My heart’s strange urge or a sheer impulse?

To escape mundane daily chores,
Lying with a book of tales untold,
A few days away in the great outdoors,
In Summery heat or freezing cold,
Few days in life devoid of usual bores,
The serenity of my childhood old,
Too much to ask or a likely fold?