The Chimpawankas of Polytoonia

‘As the sunrays disperse across the sky , with the rest of the animal world still in drunken stupor, Polytoonia awakes to freedom’ said King Chimpawanka I. 800 years since that day, the Chimpawankas were still in power ,ruling Polytoonia with the sole intent of frantic nepotism! An unusual place to say the least, the kingdom was presided over by an enormous but dumb Chimp, King Chimpawanka XVI in the present day alongside his Queen God Mother Chimpawankari.

The eccentric animal empire of Polytoonia, the largest democracy in the animal world was situated at the foot hills of the mighty mountain range Orangutania; it was an uncanny yet magical land of rainbows, goblins and unicorns.

The Chimpawankas had been in power for hundreds of years ever since Polytoonia had attained freedom from the Chimpara tribe. They had gone on to become the foremost political family of the land. Fortunately (for them) and unfortunately (for the rest) Polytoonia, though a self-proclaimed democracy, had become a reticent Monarchy led by the Chimpawanka Family.

Polytoonia, a land of unity in diversity, had animals of different species and breeds, all living together. Superficially it was the most ethnically rich animal country. With over hundreds of animal species combined with breeds, something as basic as animal sounds used for communication too were many in number. But only the oooooooooaaaaahh of the Chimps was made the national sound while the popular bau-waus and cock-a-doodle-doos were banned or made illegal. Well, it was obvious that Polytoonia had become the land of the Chimpawankas ruled by the Chimpawankas. Every law in the land was bent to favor the Chimpawankas. It had become suffocating for the other animals in the realm. The signs of decay of the land had surfaced and it was time to take steps, to make amends.

There was however a silver lining as it was the year of the Polytonian Elections, the chance to change Polytoonia forever. Once in every ten years elections were held in Polytoonia. It was the day when animals such as dogs, cows, hippos and lizards too tried to break the barriers and ascend to power. It was the day when every animal had the power to use their jaws to change the course of Polytoonian history.

Being a magical land, the dental decay of the Polytoonian citizens had been linked to the deteriorating condition of the country many years back by a royal wizard, who was also an Elephant and a dentist. It was thought at that time that since dental problems would never be ignored by the common animals, it would help in getting them out of their barns and nests to vote in the pretext of checkups! So elections in Polytoonia were unique for the way in which they were held and the rules that guided the results.

On Election Day, Polytoonia held dental camps for the animals. The number of animals that turned up was believed to be a direct reflection of the failure of the government. So, more turn up meant more votes against the incumbent Chimps.

It was the day when the dentist Elephants would be present at the drilling booths to investigate the state of every animal’s tooth. More animals visiting the drilling booths would mean high dental problems. That in turn would signify high dissatisfaction index against the government. From there on they would be stripped from power if the numbers of visiting animals exceeded those of not visiting ones. This was the day with the once in a decade chance to oust the Chimps from their customary thrones.

But like every election year, the turnout was abysmal that year too. Inspite of the fact that the animals were dissatisfied with the ruling clan and highly disturbed by the silence of King Chimpawanka XVI on important matters, they avoided the drilling booths. Inspite of the fact that their dental problems had surfaced to foretell a grave future for their jaws and the country at large, they still failed to reach the drilling booths. They chose to ignore the blood from their cuspids, dogteeth, fangs and upper jaws. They ignored the warning signs, buried the pain and let the Chimpawankas walk all over them again. They ignored the faltering state of their country!

When a year had passed since the Election Day, Polytoonia became a royal mess. Not only were the jaws of the animals affected by gingivitis, halitosis, receding gums, periodontal diseases and tooth loss; everything else was in disarray too. Inflation had made life difficult for the animals. Renting a kennel or a sty had become unaffordable; while buying one dragged the animals towards the never-ending road of EMIs. Terrorism by the species on two feet called humans from the other side of Orangutania was growing worse by the day. Any opinion against the Chimpawankas was met with litigation at the doghouse. The poor animals were getting poorer while the rich Chimpawankas were getting richer. Taxes on every basic animal good were like leashes tying the animals to the pillars of poverty. Scams by the Chimpawankas in power had also drained the common animals of the beast-currency! If that wasn’t all, the Chimpawanka cricket team too was duping the unsuspecting animal spectators with spot fixing! Nothing was going well for Polytoonia as a country and the animals had only them to blame!

If only, they had not ignored the signs of their teeth, they would have been living a life of luxury in a kennel villa or a sty bungalow with a sensible four legged head of the Government at the helm. The animals of Polytoonia had learnt the lesson of never ignoring a warning sign. So inspite of the fact that they would have to wait for another nine long years to turn up to the drilling booths again, they would do it and at that time they would make sure that the Chimpawankas  were gone once and for all!

Ignoring warning signs gifts you perennial troubles in life or as in this case, the rule of Chimpawankas for life!

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