Let’s ring the bell!

Neither a saree,
Nor a stole;
Neither a Burqa.
Nor a coat;
Neither in a dress;
With all finesse,
No, I am never safe here at all!
For he is always out on the prowl!

Neither as a toddler,
Nor older,
Neither as a daughter,
Nor sister,
Neither as a mother,
Or a respected another,
No, I am never safe here at all!
For he is always out on the prowl!

When I was five, my only preoccupations were with Barbie, Fairies and Doll houses. But today as I pen this article there is an innocent five year old girl in this country, suffering because some men just have no control over their libido! And she is not the only one; there are many like her; only differences being those cases fail to see the light of day. Young or old, it doesn’t matter; the sex starved men of this country (barring a decent few) seem to have embarked on a raping overdrive. Not only have we been unable to root out the cause of this malignant sexual sickness but we have also failed miserably in ensuring justice to those affected. We as a society have failed and are today at the depths of despair.

Everything is in classic disarray. Unapologetic men in search of opportunities to debase women lurking in every nook and corner; the police failing to provide protection; the political class embarking on point scoring journeys; judiciary failing to deliver comprehensive judgments and human rights activists harping on tunes of sympathy. Well that pretty much sums up the delirious condition of the sinking ship we know as India.

But can we give up? No we certainly can’t for it is about you and me. It is about the daughters we would be giving birth to finally. Can we bring them in a world where instead of dreaming about ponies and leprechauns; they have nightmares about a menacing man? Can we let ourselves, our elders, our sisters and our precious daughters fall prey to this trauma? Never!

However bloodcurdling the man in question might be; however menacing the society might be; however chilling the fight might be and however small the step might be; we need to fight for nobody else will. We need to ring the bell! We need to shout and tell that enough is enough!

With no hopes around,
In a mood profound,
We sit and wonder,
Have so much to ponder!

The crime, the pain,
Lives lost in vain,
The scratches fine,
From the vicious vine.

To bring a change as we all dwell,
The fragrance sweet that we now smell,
To rise above, to live and tell,
To cast a better safety spell,
Let’s ring the bell;
Oh let’s ring the bell!