LOCK those straight Locks!

Being a Bengali brings along with it certain clichés in the way people perceive you. Beautiful long tresses are one of those things that people generally associate Bengali girls with. Well, if that is indeed universally true than I am certainly an anomaly in the lot. Yes, I am a Bengali woman with hair that would make the lovely dame Rapunzel pity me!

There is not a single experiment that I haven’t done with my hair. Straightening, Colouring, you name it and I have done it all except curling because I have been blessed or rather cursed with horribly curly hair which treats gravity as it’s stubborn ex! Oh but now that I think about it I did go for curling my hair too when I wanted my chemically treated straight hair to go back to being how they were originally- curly and wavy!  Today frizzy, dry and awkward are perhaps the best adjectives to describe my hair.

Like every girl I have had dreams too of flaunting enticing locks; one that would make men skip heartbeats and women swoon out of jealousy. Yes, like every girl I had the reverie of being a head turner through my head of hair which ironically I did seem to accomplish but in a slightly shifted context. Perhaps I should have just been clearer in relating my wish to the fairy god mother!

Having bored you with all these details; let me just cut to the chase here and tell you that a chemically treated and damaged hair like mine needs good products every day. With a thriving and booming cosmetic industry in our country, the choices are innumerable. So there arises the need of testing every product that catches our fancy before switching to it permanently. Ofcourse, the duration of permanence is debatable.

So anyways, before I move on to the review I would also like to mention that every few months my strategy to attain hair worth dying for changes. A year back I had sworn to stay away from straightening but the resolve fell flat when I was recently enticed by a salon professional to go for the look that would apparently make me look as pretty as the Junior Mrs. Bachchan (pretty not fat mind you!). So there I was washing away my hard earned money into the salon drains for the hair that would apparently make me a head turner! But wasn't that my dream? However inevitably as the mundane cycle of harsh reality struck with the precision of clock work, new growth threatened to make my hair the inverted question mark all over again! It however wasn't the first time as my hair had always grown faster when I had straightened it; thus ruining it with the new emerging curls. Ofcourse whenever I had let my hair be curly, it just seemed too pig-headed to even grow an inch!So this time too it wasn't any different and my hair began to grow faster than my finger nails soon after the hair-changing visit to the parlour.

I received the Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and conditioner just a few days after my recent rendezvous with hair straightening. So I decided to try it and this is what I found out! There are certain integral things to a good shampoo and conditioner. The answer to a few questions actually ascertains if it’s a good choice at all. Does it make your hair soft? Does it increase the hair fall? Does it make your hair rough? Does it do what it claims to, in this case lock the straightness? Does your hair smell good after using it? The answers to all these questions for Sunsilk were in the positive; well at-least so far as I used it. My hair felt soft; the breakage was comparatively less and the scent was good too.

So the verdict is that if you have straight hair, chemically straightened or naturally straight divine, this could be a good shampoo and conditioner pair to use!

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