Of Toys, Of Ribbons and Of Little Girls!

Fear exuded from her eyes as she stood disorientated in a murky corner of an old shoddy room. She felt mortified alone with an inaccessible window at one end; a dying bulb obscured in cobwebs at the center and the menacing face of a devilish man in-front  It was the face that haunted and pricked her with the relentless gaze. Tears glided down her dry and cracked cheeks with bruises that scorched with every drop! Her eyes searched for the familiarity of her home; her mother’s caresses and her father’s kisses. This was a different world; a scary one at that; a world she never knew existed. She remembered being scared on the first day of school but that was better and safer. She remembered being scared of the monster in her closet and under her bed. Was it possible that the man in-front of her was that very monster? If so, why wasn't her mother nearby to drive him away! She was all alone, petrified and just longing for home!

There was pain between her legs; burning sensation in places that now seemed darker than the room she was in. She was in shock and wondered what had happened. All thirsty and almost dehydrated she missed her mother’s special chocolate milk which at that moment she would even have traded her favourite toy for! Her pretty polka dotted dress was torn; her pony tail a mess as she stood there all alone; shivering with pain and terror. What was her fault? She was just a little girl, whose only whim in life was perhaps a new toy. But all she was now was scared and scarred; probably for the rest of her life!

My favourite toy pink;
My daddy’s comic wink;
My mommy’s chocolate drink;
Was my world I think?
But a man malicious took away all that in a painful blink!

Being a woman in our country was always a bane! A curse infact if I might be audacious enough to put forth this shameful truth out there. One would think that raping and killing young women would probably satiate the twisted and disgusting appetites of psychotic men out there. But no; that isn’t even the tip of the ice-berg! The morals have fallen to such despicable lows that children; yes innocent children are in their radar too! Be it Maharashtra or the banal crime capital of our country, New Delhi, now even a girl child is seemingly at risk. But what is repulsive is that the risk is not that of the itchy measles or the common cold. It is sadly the risk of an atrocious male psyche scarring a little girl for life!  

Sometimes I feel that the men of our country, barring a very small percentage, are terminally ill for the lack of sagacity and shame! Dimwits or animals, I know not what to call them. Whether it is in the form of the self-proclaimed appalling khaps or self styled elders; these men never shirk from proving that they are in actuality mental lepers! And if that weren’t enough; the lip service of those in office grows preposterous with every passing day! What glides between fingers as a result of that are innocent lives!

As if transgressing the humility of women weren’t horrific enough that now we have reports about raped and murdered young girls from every direction with the tenacity of soaring summer temperatures! It pains to see that the veracity of such men have made them immune even to basic humane impulses!

How do we appeal to the humanity of such men or better yet the entire social fabric? How do we find a way to reform this severely crippled society of ours? Or, forget that how do we even ensure safety of our daughters and little sisters? How do we get the authorities to respond and bring those guilty to book? These are just a few from a mountain of very similar questions that we all want answered. Sadly all that we get are water cannons and possible intimidation in return!

The poignant point is are we really ready to be known as the society that snatches the toy from the hands of a little girl and throws her all scared into an unapologetic and ruthless world? I certainly don’t want that answer to be in the affirmative! An India where every little girl with pony tails can play around in her pretty pink dress without having to ever know the murky side of life is what I yearn for and I am sure you do too! So let’s paint with a brush of our efforts a motherland where girls are safe; for if that picture is blemished what would remain is only a blank canvas of oblivion!

I believe in fairies,
I believe in magic,
I believe in Wizards,
And I believe in leprechauns too.
But a man out far saysoh little girl,
There is only one world,
A filthy world, a murky zoo
With animals wild to scar your life, to snatch your toy,
To end everything precious in you!’

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