Why do we love Books?

Imagine what it would be like to own a time machine. We could travel to any era in any part of the world! We could be in Victorian England or even watch Shakespeare pen down the greatest marvels of literature. We could witness the great fight for Indian Independence and perhaps even take part in it! We could go meet the man we admire most in history or better yet we could witness every epoch making moment through our very own eyes! Yes it would be wonderful, wouldn't it?

But time machines don’t really exist, do they? In my world they certainly do and are the wonderful books in my bookshelf.

Books are the vehicles of escape! Yes they could take us to the Big Ben; the Taj Mahal or even the Alps anytime and every time, over and over again! Who wouldn't love reading them then? The possibilities are limitless when we have books in front of us! Books stretch the boundaries of space and time. While at one moment we could be in our living room right at the next we could find ourselves on the balcony of the Buckingham palace! Now who wouldn't want that? Yes, books are the treasures that offer us the corridor to any part of the world and that too at a time and place of our convenience.

Why do we read books? Why do we like to snuggle up with a book and be cut off magically from the rest of the world? I’d say for they show us things far beyond the horizon; they expand our vision. With just one life to live, I’d say books help us explore things we normally wouldn't.

Books are companions in the best and worst of times of our lives. With a book by our side, we are never alone, never lonely! But that’s not all they teach us lessons that more often than not also define the person we are. Without bickering they jump into the bed with us while silently counselling, pacifying, exciting and even encouraging us.

Mark Twain once quoted the man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them. Believe me that is not just fancy jargon from a great Author, that’s truth in essence. A well read man knows more about the world than any other would. Books are like Alibaba’s hidden cave of knowledge, intrigue and wisdom with the best part being that we don’t need any ‘Open Sesame’ to unlock them!

A home with books is like paradise on earth with every book tucking away secrets and mysteries within its bosom just for us to unearth! We could live the life of a pirate, a cast away, a prince or a king even. We could be anything and everything we want to for those moments between the pages of a book. Yes that’s why we love books!

I agree there are people who don’t read at all or just read for necessity. But then there are those for whom books are like oxygen! The thrill of each book, the scent of the sheets, the sound of flipping through pages or simply staying up all night in spite of the early morning meeting just to get to through to the end. Yes, that is why books are what they are; for many the elixir of life.

We could have acrophobia but through books we could climb the tallest buildings in the word. We could fear darkness but through books we could walk around at night and possibly solve a crime. Yes these are just some of the highs and the eclectic thrills that books could introduce us to. Books are loved for they are promises brought right to our bare hands!

Reading books opens us up to the world. It deciphers the various aspects of life for us. Every book tells us more than just the words in it. Every book is an opportunity to tread and to discover. Culture, history, civilization and in fact even religion finds more meanings in writings; in books! A swim in the fathomless universe of books enriches us as a person and enhances our philosophy of life. Books help us reach clarity in thinking for they are mirrors of everything the society was, is and could be in the future.

As E.P. Whipple quoted Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time; so come forward, embrace them for they are better than wine!