The Shopping-Sutras!

Sale! Sale! Sale! These magical words could make any woman’s heart skip a beat! After all, shopping is to women what breathing is to life! Hundreds of square feet full of clothes, shoes, perfumes, hand bags, jewellery and cosmetics arouse those senses in a woman which sometimes even a man like Ryan Gosling fails to! Shopping is an art, a technique that comes naturally to the fairer sex. In-fact  to fathom the tingling sensation of buying those perfect fitted jeans or to grasp the satisfaction of grabbing those flawless shoes displayed on mannequins, you've got to be a woman! The incredible Shopping-Sutra is something that a woman is born as a master of!

While to the naive, shopping might not hold any charm; to us, the blessed few (read women), it is an intricate art. There are nuances to shopping that only a female heart understands and treasures. It’s not easy, if anything it the complete opposite of anything easy!

There is a lot more to shopping than simply walking into a store and picking up a thing. Reconnaissance, the first step of shopping lies in scouting for the best places to shop. It’s anything but cake walk for in the growing crowd of malls and shopping centers finding the haven of everything that warrants lightening the purse, is a challenge. Once that is done comes the next stage which is short listing the items to take to the trail rooms for the all important screen test. Believe me this second step is the toughest more so in a sale as beating the rest of the shopping tribe and grabbing that last piece is a tactic not mastered by all. The last step which is definitely not the least is going to the counter and swiping those cards to emerge proud owners of some of the most beautiful clothes and accessories in the world.

While men might find solace in the arms of whiskey and scotch; women find comfort in the aisles of shopping malls. The sweet smell of clothes on discount or the high of finding the last piece on the shelves is liberating. What drinking world’s most expensive scotch is to men, shopping is to women! What driving world’s best luxury car is to men, shopping is to women! What the blatant joy of cricket is to men, shopping is to women!

I search and search but find you not,
I wait in line to touch you but,
Behind piles and piles I see you lie,
With hopeful eyes I make a try,
To take you in and try you on,
In my wardrobe to adorn,
I take you back in bags galore,
For you are the best I ever wore!