Fellas!! Shave for that perfect Kiss sans the pricks

Sneha sat with a steaming cup of coffee by her bow-window watching the wind teasing the flowers outside. It was 1st March, a day on which six years back she and her husband Ashish, who was her boyfriend then, had turned a new leaf in their relationship. It was the anniversary of their first kiss.  Sounds Cheesy? Perhaps yes but important none the less for those in love!  

As Sneha sat reminiscing, she inadvertently found herself transported to that very day six years back, sitting next to Ashish while engrossed in his eyes. With numbness in her knees as Ashish held her hand, she for the first time felt her heartbeat soar to impossible realms. As they moved closer to each other, slowly yet with the flow of a gutsy wind, she felt his breath on her face. A shiver then ran through her body as their lips met! Yes, it was her first kiss ever. It was the first time and also the very last time that she would have her ‘first kiss’. It was that ‘special’ moment or perhaps not?

Sneha’s chin and lips felt a burning sensation and she was abruptly jolted out of her reverie. Instead of the power of his kiss, instead of the magic of his lips, instead of a kiss like the one sleeping beauty had woken up to, it was the rubbing of the over grown stubble that stood out for her! The numbness in her knees died out and her heartbeat plunged to an all-time low. All she was left with as the memory of that day, of her very first kiss, would perhaps be an experience similar to being kissed by a prickly bear! Not fun at all!

Yes sadly their virgin kiss was one akin to a smooth flight with awful crash landing! It was scratchy much against her liking. It was unpleasant as the moment was overshadowed by his stubble, his beard instead of the ideal notion of smoking hot yet innocent love! 

Everything that happens for the first time is special. First love, first crush or even the quintessential first kiss! So why ruin it guys with either your utter laziness of running a razor through your beard or the fallacy that women fancy stubble! Especially when it comes to the virgin kiss or the first kiss as we call it, always remember guys that soft and tender lips sans the surrounding thorny bushes is the way to go! 

Henry Finck once said ‘Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?’ Undoubtedly it is but while that is true so is the fact that a poor and uncomfortable kiss is just the opposite.

Shelley had famously quoted that Soul meets soul on lovers' lips. True indeed so why waste the chances of it being surreal by bringing the prickly and unkempt stubble in between? So men what are you waiting for go shave or else your women would have to make you crave! In other words, remember fellas that in the books of your lady love no kiss after that ‘perfect shave’ ever goes unrewarded!
A perfect kiss to seal the deal,
A perfect kiss to sweep her off her feet,
A perfect kiss much like bliss,
Is, my man, the one without the pricks!

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