Confessions of a Wife in search of her McDreamy!

Dear Husband

Why, oh why art thou so lazy?
Why, art thou so bushy, so prickly in the face?
Why for shaving darling are you so fussy?
Good Lord! Isn’t the beard a bad chase?

Years have passed with me pondering the same! You remember the first time we went on a date; don’t you? Wearing faded blue jeans with a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, you looked dapper. Those broad shoulders and that sexy smile on that clean shaven face of yours made you look Greek-god like. I fell in love with that man, among other things of course! 

You were my McDreamy. You were my McSteamy. But today why or why are you the McLazy and at times even the McScary?

Oh honey I love you but I don’t want to caress a face with beard. I want my personalized Greek God back. I want that smile of yours to come out of hiding from behind that awful thorny stubble. I agree I was swept off my feet by the bearded Ryan Gosling in Notebook and gotten carried away with my blabber of how handsome he looked! But that’s fiction my dear, it was not for you to take seriously! In reality I want my man to be prim and proper; I want you to be back to your own debonair self. 

Sweetheart, its simple I visit the parlor and the salons to keep myself presentable, don’t I? I work on myself to be at my best when by your side whether at home or outside. I just want the same thing from you Love! Ofcourse, you don’t need the salons, just 10 minutes of shaving would do the trick for you!

Babe, I don’t want the thorns no more. I don’t want the rough surface no more.  So here’s what it is; you need to shave every time that stubble of yours wants to see the light of the day or you would have to spend way more time on the couch then you have ever heard me say! So come out of shaving-hibernation my dear for a roller-coaster ride awaits on the other side of it!

Yours faithfully,
Your loving wife :D

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