No Third Leg; No Safety!

A deafening silence which cuts across the cacophony of millions of voices; a bleeding heart which pours out through shocked and teary eyes; numb hands which fail to hold trembling legs bear witness to the helplessness that the Woman of India feels today. 

Unwanted as a child and often defiled.
Likened to a burden; often causing life to darken.
Ostracized for speaking her mind, often silenced for not following the daily grind!
Mandated to dress a certain way; though often undressed like a prey.

Yes, that is what a woman is looked upon as in our society. A pretentious, hypocritical and obnoxious society where men do not think beyond their unruly repugnant magic wand that hangs between their legs; a society where often women look upon other fellow women as mere beasts of burden! 

As if the notions of a woman born to only cook and bear children, that too only male; weren’t offensive enough that these infuriating progenies of God, as men like to think of themselves, had to go around defiling the sanctity of a woman, the same gender that gave them life! That’s not all; any form of protest that women dare take up is as a rule always met with apathy from the ignorant and dimwit authorities. Well not surprising considering they belong to the same sullied social order! 

As if the long list inculcating the appalling numbers of female feticide, repugnant traditions of dowry and gory dowry related deaths, anecdotes of intolerable khaps demeaning women for their false prestige, society’s lesson teaching mentality in the form of acid throwing, sexual harassment and domestic violence weren’t enough that now we live in a country where a woman protesting for her rights is lathi charged by a male constable. That’s not all what is more condescending and inexcusable is when that gets termed as collateral damage by the snobbish authorities. 

Life of women have always been dispensable in our country; either in the family where she is born in or the family of her in-laws who by the way are of the notion that they and their sons are God Sent. Then there is the wretched society ofcourse and now the dynamic trio of police, politicians and judiciary.
It is difficult to explain the amount of repulsion that women in this country have felt over the years and more so as the events unfolded in the last week or so. A pseudo-democracy, a sham of a country and a hoax of an administration make up this despicable nation of ours. There is no hope for every step we take will be curtailed; will be curbed for India as a society didn’t and still doesn’t care for its women. Those that try to pacify the rattled souls by beginning sentences with I too have two or three daughters must be told that Indian women do not buy this line of theirs. We know we have to fend for ourselves and in the event of a situation where we are in danger nobody would be there to help us; not even the people with two or three daughters!

A country where after the recent horrendous incident certain people still dare blame the girl for being nonchalant by going for a movie at night or boarding that private bus; or going out with a guy who is not her husband; cannot expect to see the dawn where all is hunky dory for women.

India is a failure when it comes to even giving its women folk the dignity they deserve.  Reality check- we are a country where a 3 year old is also raped. Well I think that says it all about our perverted society and about where it holds the fairer sex. As long as the thought process that having a third leg puts you in a higher pedestal in the society thrives; women in India will never get the position that they deserve and history of incidents such as these would keep repeating like clockwork, much to every woman’s horror!