With Love from Dedebhai to Dabhai

It was just another day in the rustic hill station town of Shillong with the clangs of church bells, sound of guitars, giggles of children next-door and blossoming flowers of spring when suddenly a cute little baby girl in green sweater entered my life. I still remember that day vividly for it changed my life forever. Standing beside one of the pillars of the veranda of my house, I watched with timid yet hopeful eyes as she silently crept into my heart never to leave again! She was tiny; even for me for I was just four at that time. Her eyes; yes those were unusually big even for her size. It was with those whopping eyes that she looked towards me for the first time and I fell in love with this small little cuddly human being about the size of my favourite doll. Maybe it was just my imagination for I saw mischief in her eyes; naughtiness as if to say that she would turn my life upside down forever; in a good and fun way of-course. And so she did and became my alter ego; my guardian and the voice of my soul which I so often ignore! Yes, she was my little sis; my baby sis; my dearest dabhai!

Watching each other's back always!

This picture speaks volumes of the bond; the rapport I share with her. Chronologically speaking I descended on this earth much before her and I am her ‘elder sister’ so to speak; but one minute with her and all that goes down the drains; in an amusing and engaging manner. At times she is this balanced and mature mother-like being sermonizing me on what is right and what is wrong while at the next moment she is this small child that you can’t help but shower with lots and lots of love and care.

My partner in crime and my spirit who loves me irrespective of all the dirty secrets of mine that she hides in her heart; yes that is my little sister. I don’t need to measure or hold back while speaking in-front of her.I can curse people; hurl abuses and do anything insane when she is around without the tiny bit of hesitation. I can be myself; no pretense  She is my secret keeper and the medicine that keeps me sane! Heck she even knows the people I would mow down if ever made legal!!

We have a box full of pictures like these; memories and feelings all tucked away safely. My mom says this puny mortal has been shadowing me ever since she began crawling! Well I don’t know if it is evident from the picture but if anything at all it only shows that we have been with each other through thick and thin. Not caring if the other was right or wrong; we have been each other’s support system. I remember fighting with teachers for her; protecting her. I remember slapping the land lady’s grand-daughter when she bullied my little bundle of joy. She did the same too fighting with people twice her size for me; for her dedebhai ! Yes she is my little defense attorney in disguise; my adorable punching bag; my shrink; truly all in one! My best package deal from God!

Whatever be it there was one thing that we realized quiet early in our lives that we wouldn't leave each other alone despite all odds. Yes; so what if I was blowing a conch shell and she picked up a brass bell to follow suit; the important thing was and still is that she never left me alone. From that fateful day to this very moment we are each other’s strength on whom we can fall back on when everyone else leaves us and I am sure it would be the same in the future too!

My mirror, my perception;
My strength, my direction;
My sister, my inspiration!

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