Why I like shopping at Jabong?

Call me old fashioned but online shopping for me was nothing short of blasphemy towards the sacred act of shopping; until about two months ago when I had my first tryst with this new upheaval in e-commerce. It was a mundane Wednesday afternoon when I was e-mailed by one of the representatives of Jabong.com to review the website and also its service. Initially though I was skeptical; for buying something without even having the chance to touch or try it on was a bitter pill for me to swallow. However, there’s always a first time right? When the whole world was relishing the perks of shopping from the comforts of home how could I not join the bandwagon even though with baby steps? So with baited breathe I took the inevitable plunge into the vast world of merchandise available at just few clicks of the mouse.

Remember the first time you fell in love or your first crush or the first date? The very first time of anything; especially pleasant experiences or encounters; forever remain stamped in our hearts. My maiden tête-à-tête with online shopping on jabong.com was also there or thereabouts. And ever since then I have completely lost track of how many hours I have spent engrossed in browsing through jabong.com and adding items after items to the cart!

Let me spool back a bit and take you to the beginning of this year. I had just joined a new company; a completely new work place with new people. Out of those was a petite colleague of mine who now I must say is a very dear friend as well. What was unique about her; apart from the vast reserve of stimulating gossip; was that she would spend hours after hours in between work purchasing clothes and accessories on the internet. Of-course  I was a complete atheist at that time when it came to online shopping. On top of that her experiences that unfolded in front of my very own eyes further added to the lack of enthusiasm on my part for the same.

One vital thing to note though is that she wasn't shopping using jabong.com. Every item that would be shipped to her would be completely different from what was exhibited in the pages of the website she visited and at times it would be weeks before she would even receive them. Repeated calls and countless yells later; she would finally get the article and it would be the complete antithesis of what she had ordered in the first place. But what caught my fancy was in-spite of the bad customer experience on the xyz sites that she was visiting; she didn't give up! So when jabong.com came to me; I took the plunge keeping the spark that my friend had alive in mind.

Being cynical, I expected being subjected to the same experiences that I had seen my friend undergo but boy was I pleasantly surprised! On jabong.com I realized what you see is actually what you get! There was no difference, either in colour or the way the product actually appeared! Delivery time was also within what was mentioned on the website. Well what more could you ask for?

50000 different products and over 500 brands all at your disposal; it is like a huge shopping mall exclusive to you! Exciting to say the least! In just a span of two months I have shopped not only for myself but every member of my family. From ethnic wear, tops, t-shirts, shrugs, jackets, blazers, bags, accessories, dresses, and tunics to quilts and blankets. Trust me Jabong.com most definitely and undoubtedly offers wonderful; hassle free and good service.

Payment Options, Delivery Time, Huge Variety of Products of excellent quality; you name it and it’s all there at jabong.com. However if I had to pick one thing that I like the most about Jabong.com it would be that it has kept the sanctity of shopping intact; which for me is imperative. I love shopping; in fact I have been in love with shopping for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it has got something to do with my internal hard wiring as a girl. So when I get an unadulterated shopping experience within the confines of my home then I cannot help but fall in love with the website. So go Jabong!

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