Would you stop at 'The Stopover' ?

So often we read books where we practically visualize ourselves amidst the characters, seeing what they see and often feeling what they feel. Imagine a book where you get to read elegant writing complemented with vivid and mesmerizing photographs as well. Wouldn’t that take you to a different level altogether? Of-course it would; to a place in time where everything stops and you are alone in the company of striking words and scenic photographs. Yes that’s what ‘The Stopover’ written by Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash is all about.

Honestly I have read many books and I love being in the company of books, alone with just the author’s words and my imagination. When I read the first few pages of ‘The Stopover’, I realised that this would turn out to be an amazing experience. The picture is not only painted by the authors’ words but the breathtaking scenery as well.

The Stopover has four stories set in picturesque locations. ‘The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom’ set in Ladakh, ‘The Sun Shines Forever’ set in Ooty, ‘A Rocking Horse Can Gallop Too’ set in Channapatna and ‘I Hear Them Calling’ set in Chennai. Enticing isn’t it? Most certainly so, the writing is unfussy and clear-cut but still has the power to grasp your attention.

It is a fresh concept and wonderful at that. The writing flair and manner is unpretentious and manages to hold on to your attention. Good fiction with equally good collection of photographs, well that is just cherry on top of the cake, isn’t it? I hope this is accepted by the readers for I very much enjoyed reading the few pages Deepa sent me and am frankly looking forward to more.

Book-The Stopover
Photo Fiction
Authors- Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash

Please find more about the book here The Stopover - A Photo Fiction Book .