My experience of shopping @

Shopping to me or for that matter any girl could be a number of things- therapy for depression or mood swings, stress buster or hobby or all; but certainly not just an activity. It is an anchor for it supports us when we are low. We shop when we are happy or sad or both. There is hardly any girl around who doesn't fathom the romance of Shopping! The contentment of going through clothes; trying them on; mixing and matching and finally walking up to the counter to swipe the card and owning that beautiful piece of cloth or accessory is too wonderful for words to even describe.

Call me selfish, but I love shopping alone where I have all the time to myself. I like to walk through each section and carefully select clothes; try them on at my own pace and finally pick up what I like the most. I need to touch the fabric, feel the texture and see how I look in it before making that ever important decision of whether to buy or not.

In today’s day and age, with the ever shrinking world and with the dearth of time for any activity let alone shopping everything is available to us just at the click of a mouse. Online shopping is a phenomenon I have been aware of for quite some time now but never really felt the need to try it on. For me shopping was sacred and I didn’t want to trade the whole experience with just a few pages on the internet. More so I had seen my friends shop online and always end up disappointed with the product they received. So for such reasons not only was I orthodox in my views about shopping but skeptical too about this whole spectacle of e-shopping. For the same raison d'être when approached me for a review of their website, I was hesitant.  Nevertheless, I took it up. Afterall it couldn’t hurt that much now could it! So I decided I would buy the cheapest item available just to make sure I wouldn’t be hurt if things didn’t go as expected or shall I say as ordered!

Once I opened I was pleasantly surprised with the interface. It was as they say very ‘User Friendly’. There were a remarkable variety of products and brands available. From clothes, watches, shoes, bags, blankets, sunglasses, perfumes, home furnishings, kitchen ware, jewellery to toys; everything was to be had. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order but then after some contemplation decided on buying a kurti for office. So I navigated to the Women’s Kurti section where I could choose from a number of brands based on colour and price. Here I was absolutely certain to spend Rs.500 maximum for whatever I decided to purchase, but as I went through the pages that idea slowly began to vanish. There was so much variety in!

Finally I zeroed in on Global Desi as the brand and selected this piece for myself.

Done with the selection it was time to make the payment and I was actually really pleased with the way the website was designed and how effortless it was to move step by step to place the order. Gradually I felt my inhibitions for online shopping disappear and I was becoming more open to the idea of shopping from within the confines of my office or home!

I had often seen my friends call customer care of the sites they used for online shopping as the shipping was either delayed or the wrong item shipped. So in a way that was on my mind too hence I was a little on the edge till I finally got the call from the delivery boy within just two days after placing the order.

It was the moment of truth. Either what I had ordered would be really good or end up as a disaster. So slowly I took out what was inside the bag and viola I wasn’t disappointed a bit!

Thanks for opening me up to the idea of online shopping. Hope to continue this channel of shopping too in future much to my husband’s dismay of-course!