Things To Do In Melbourne...#RomanticEscapeToMelbourne

What is life without a little brush here and there of the new?
What is life without the unfamiliar hue?
So my friend when life gives you the cue,
Pack your bags without further ado!

Travelling is an art though only handfuls realize the romance of it! They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, hence it might as well be said that the real worth of travel can only be appreciated by a true connoisseur.

Mira and Ketan just like any other ordinary couple were very passionate about each other. But there was another thing that got their heart beats up and that was the fervour of exploring new places together. So one starry night when they sat watching a travel show on Melbourne, they had an epiphany as if the angels had descended with all the glitter and dazzle on to the earth to whisper to their ears ‘it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’ So taking the cue out of this, they quietly packed their bags one fine day and escaped on a flight to the ‘Cultural Capital of Australia’.

As Mira looked out of the window, with the flight having entered the Australian airspace, she could see below miles and miles of desert like land. Was it the Australian Outback or perhaps the land around the Uluru she thought? Excitedly she held Ketan’s hand. This at just a glimpse of Australia; she felt the palpable excitement within her and imagined the feeling in their hearts when they would finally touchdown in Melbourne.

At last after having travelled for more than ten hours in the confined space of the aircraft, they were there. Mira almost felt like royalty as she pictured herself in an Elizabethan gown in the Australian state of Victoria. At this thought she chuckled and took a deep breath as they walked hand in hand out of the airport. It was time for them to begin their adventures in the World’s Most Liveable City!

For the next few days they engulfed themselves completely into taking in the culture and the cuisine of this wonderful cosmopolitan city on earth.

Exploring the streets of Melbourne, some hidden treasures that wouldn’t even figure on the conventional travel guide; yes that’s a great way of soaking in the grandeur of this amazing city. Melbourne by Foot was the way Mira and Ketan too spent their very first day there which seemed to have everything that they could think of. Yes the city held in its lap a little of everything for everyone. So much history along with a plethora of stories from the local guide made this, one of the high points of their journey in Melbourne; definitely a great way to begin their sojourn in this beautiful land.

Ketan, like any man from the subcontinent, was an ardent lover of Cricket. He couldn’t have been to Melbourne and not been to the MCG. Yes the very celebrated Melbourne Cricket Ground. As he walked into the stadium located in the Yarra Park, he was transported to a different world altogether. He had completely forgotten where Mira was! He was so awed by the majestic cricket ground that he could hear the cheers of more than hundred thousand cricket fans, roaring loud and clear, with his two favourite teams Indian and Australia playing in the Middle. He looked like a child left unattended in a toy store as he went through the memorabilia and artefacts in the building. It was truly an experience of a lifetime for him.

Imagine the great ocean amassing the golden hue of the sun slowly into its fathomless bosom while cliffs run deep with meandering roads cutting across it, beaches and scenic towns set amidst that very backdrop. Enchanting isn’t it? The cherry on top would be when you are in an open top car with the sweet breeze blowing into your hair while you enjoy the ride. Yes that was the very experience Mira and Ketan soaked in while on the Great Ocean Drive.  They visited Portland, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell and Bells Beach on the way as well. It was rejuvenating and ofcourse very romantic on top. As they stood admiring the 12 Apostles, they looked for a moment into each other’s eyes being thankful for a day that was truly well spent. Their eyes twinkled, for the traveller in them felt vindicated for choosing Melbourne as the destination.

Once upon a time Wordsworth had praised the beauty of London and Thames dressed in early morning light; Mira was so influenced by the sonnet that she made a point to see every city or town she visited adorned by the morning splendour. So how could she not gasp at the sights of Melbourne while there? So Ketan and Mira embarked on an aerial exploration of Melbourne by a Hot Air Balloon; the Melbourne Balloon Flight at Sunrise. The aura was invigorating, heavenly to say the least as they glanced at some of the famous spots within the city while floating in the sky. They flew over the Yarra River too as it slowly woke up to a new dawn. They felt like the King and Queen out on a survey of their kingdom, such was the enigma. To say the least, their experience was indeed ethereal!

What are some of the things that come to your mind when you think of Australia? Koalas for sure and the little penguins as well; Mira always wanted to see them in their natural habitat and what better than Philip Island to do that. So she along with Ketan ventured out there and piled on the plethora of cherished wildlife experiences. What was even better was they even had dolphin sightings, witnessed the country’s largest Wild Fur Seal Colony and numerous other seabirds while on a two hour cruise around the island. They even took a stroll in the white sandy beaches and just as the sun kissed the ocean, they too renewed their vows again in the presence of the fathomless supreme.

What would be a trip with your beloved without a candle light dinner? Yes that was one of the other things in Mira and Ketan’s list. This time instead of a restaurant in some posh hotel they chose the Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise. So off they went on a voyage, with Melbourne all dressed up in the night lights. As the restaurant slowly glided through the Yarra River, Mira and Ketan basked in the twinkling lights of the city and in that of their love. With the breeze, the lights and each other’s company they had a blissful time throughout the cruise.

Mira and her love for the Victorian Era or the Colonial times found them seated in the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Yes they not only explored the sights of the great city but enjoyed the grand food on this very royal tram ride. Mira was ecstatic and Ketan was amused at the variety the city had on offer.

The Royal Botanical Gardens, St Paul’s Cathedral and Melbourne Zoo were among the other landmarks where Ketan and Mira found the essence of Melbourne.  Mira shopped to her heart’s content too; after all she couldn’t go back without taking a part of the city with her. So she picked up chocolates from Haigh’s, shoes, handbags and gifts for all in the family from Bourke Street Mall and Melbourne’s Central, atleast as much as she could get her hands onto. They truly spent not a single dull moment in Melbourne. It turned out to be a trip, the memory of which was etched forever in their minds. All that they longed for now, was a traditional Australian Barbie for the icing on their all so enthralling trip; perhaps the next time as promised by their very friendly concierge at the hotel.

Mira and Ketan’s excitement and anticipation was rewarded with a remarkable trip to Melbourne. 

They soaked in a little bit of Melbourne during their stay there;
They left a little bit of themselves during their stay there,
They made Melbourne a small part of their lives during their stay there! 

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