The fashion of Sari will last forever

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Remember the very first saree you bought for your daughter? Or, recall the very first one in your wardrobe? The first saree your husband gifted you or your wedding saree that you so carefully have kept in the favourite corner of your closet? Yes no woman ever forgets the feeling of the first saree or the happiness and the excitement of wearing saree for the first time for any function. The wedding of a close relative, the farewell at school or even just draping your mother’s saree; yes those moments are precious and the photographs of those adorn your album throughout your life. Indeed the saree is special and has always been for generations. In many ways Saree is and has been for thousands of years the essence of Indian Culture in terms of garments. 

What comes to your mind when you think of an Indian woman dressed in traditional wear- a beautiful lady dressed in saree I am sure. Yes saree is the six yard of cloth that has defined the way women in the Indian subcontinent have dressed for hundreds of years. Saree is usually worn over a blouse and petticoat and put on in all across the country from north to south and east to west. In India; sarees are worn on family functions, marriages and festivals apart from day to day life. 

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