Mars Men v/s Venus Women on Battleground Earth

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The Woman versus Man debate has been going on since eternity. The battle between the two sexes is so epical that the two are commonly referred to have arrived on Earth from two planets named after two Roman gods – Mars and Venus. Mars is where the men came from and therefore are believed to possess characteristics of the God of war. On the other hand the women are said to possess qualities that Venus, the Goddess of beauty, commanded. Earth is where they “fight out” for supremacy, much like in the Roman mythology.

There just isn’t a common ground on which either side seems to agree. It would actually be a miracle the day this dispute reaches a logical conclusion which of course seems far too unlikely. It’s a strange equation, so different yet one can’t live without the other. Well as they say ‘Men will be men’ and ‘Women will be women’!

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