Heart that pines feels the pangs too!

Sneha stood infront of the door of her apartment with the keys in her hand and stared blankly at the name plate which read ‘Mr and Mrs Sen’. These words seemed to mock her as she touched the very words that she had so lovingly carved in happier times. Infact they stared blankly right back at her. Her heart pounded as she tried her best to swallow the big bubble of despair that seemed to erupt from within. Tears rolled down her cheeks but all she could think of was of Ashish. Reluctantly she turned the keys and pushed the door open. There it was their small haven lying empty infront of her. If it were in her hands she would have run away from that place to where Ashish was but life doesn’t always give you choices; does it?

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.  ~Lamartine

Ashish and Sneha had been married for about two years now. Saying that they were head over heels in love wouldn’t be an exaggeration. They were perfect for each other. It seemed as though the phrase ‘made for each other’ was coined just for them.

Sneha still stood at the entrance as the moment when Ashish left played out again right infront of her eyes. She stared at herself right there infront of her in her night dress with sleep still in the corner of her eyes as Ashish kissed her in her forehead and made his way to the cab. He looked through the rear window as he waived her good bye. She stood at the gate as she cried inconsolably as she hated being away from him even if it was for a week. Six months had passed since that morning and Sneha still yearned for Ashish to come home. She didn’t want that to be the last memory of Ashish and of their lives together. Where was Ashish? Why did a week’s trip turn to a six month long separation?

Sneha played that day over and over again in her mind when her phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number and she knew instantly that it was Ashish.

‘So how long will you stand there? Get in Sneha’ chuckled Ashish.

‘How did you? What?’ fumbled Sneha.

‘Madam I know you inside out. It has been six months still you haven’t gotten over your sad phase!’ he joked.

‘Well what can I do? You turned a week to six months and I have no idea when it ends!’ Sneha fumed.

‘Sorry honey but I love you and I am trying to get to you as soon as possible; aren't I?’

‘I know Ashish. It’s just that it’s been so long. I miss you so much. I hate it here. This house, this city and everything is so lifeless. I have no interest in anything.’

Ashish worked with RAW and was on a special assignment in Europe. It had been stretched well beyond what was actually planned. There was the uncertainty about when he could be back. Because of the nature of his mission and job; it was not possible for him to call Sneha all the time let alone be in touch through social networking sites. Sneha knew all that when she fell in love with her very own version of James Bond but the helplessness of not being able to contact him at will often got to her. Whenever he called it would be for a few minutes and then there would be the silent period where there would be no communication. She not only feared for his safety but was also bothered by the fact that their lives were slipping by without spending every moment together.

‘You can decorate absence however you want- but your still gonna feel what’s missing.’― Siobhan Vivian

So Sneha I love sweetheart and I promise as soon as I am done here I will rush back to you. You’ll wait for me right?’ said Ashish who obviously missed her as much.

Forever and after Mr Spy! Get your work done and get back here I’ll be waiting!’ saying that she stepped into her home; their home and they hung up the call. Both felt a huge chasm within. If only they could break all rules; give a damn to the world and just be with each other. If only life would have more time for love!

‘With each moment of separation I realise the depth of our love.
I realise there is nothing I want more than you from above.‘

The heart wants what the heart wants. Logic and sense aside, a lover’s heart only seeks for its beloved. Could you blame them? Not if you have ever fallen in love too!