Off the Radar

"Stay stay at home my heart and rest; home keeping hearts are the happiest”- said Longfellow. More often than not its true but who doesn't romanticize of visiting unknown places and for a change not worrying about what we call "LIFE".

"Vacations" -Days far away from pandemonium, days when we are not answerable to any manager, days when we do not have to hang precariously in the bus to reach an office which we would much happily see shut. Days off the Radar so to speak.

Who doesn't enjoy a few days off? Days where we pack our bags and are off to lands beyond the known horizon. How fun would be holidaying in mystical and far off places when just reading about it causes such delight.

Imagine walking on a chilly morning towards the falls, the sound of the water crashing on the rocky bed below growing more and more louder as if of a fierce lion roaring in anger. This feeling-wouldn't it be awesome? Just the thought of it gives me goose-bumps!! Then as we would reach the spot and gaze at the falls, it would dawn on us why it was termed by Livingstone as the most wonderful sight he'd seen in Africa- the Victoria Falls. The first glance would be astounding-the sun yet to rise and the water tinged in colours of the rainbow making it an unforgettable moment. For that moment, who wouldn't want a vacation in the wilderness of Africa to submit to the commanding might of nature?

We have often read about the abundance of beauty in the Lake District of Canada. Several TV series and movies have shown us the pristine beauty of that amazing place on earth. Consider this as we lay on cosy beds in picturesque wooden cottages looking towards the glass windows spanning from the ceiling to the floor, the vastness of the lake, the Victoria Glacier and the mountains which looks like a sombre oriented old man in deep thought; wouldn’t all our worries disappear for just a bit in the least. The air sprayed with love, and the scent of oak and ash. The cabins at the lake side reminding one of a scene right out of a Hollywood psycho killer flick minus the psycho of-course! Won’t it be a honeymoon of a life time for newlyweds, one where they will be alone in the company of each other in the lap of Mother Nature?

Who can forget the scene of two lovers with arms outstretched, standing on the rim of the gigantic ship looking towards the fathomless sea as though viewing with anticipation and excitement towards their lives together-The historical scene from The Titanic. Such is the allure of romance on the high tide that such vacations are a must for a travel aficionado. One can opt for the Alaskan Cruise out of a plethora of choices. One could fall in love with the amazing sights and wonders of Wild Alaska. But what can match the spectacular red and green Aurora Borealis like a scene right out of a Harry Potter Movie. One can never witness such a spectacle and not visit it again. Wouldn’t witnessing the "Dance of the Spirits" as it is often referred as, take our holiday to a different high altogether?

One would recollect Phunsukh Wangdu kissing the effervescent Pia in an ethereal surrounding bounded by mountains and a pristine blue lake in the movie 3 Idiots. That’s the beauty of Ladakh. The rugged paraphernalia and the kaleidoscope of clouds meeting high ranges as though being covered by a woollen cloak seems just out of a fairy tale. A night out along the Pangong Lake would be the perfect back packing experience one would say. Ladakh is like the virgin beauty, how could a travel enthusiast not explore it then.

Our world is gifted with countless amazing and mind-boggling places. Granted today's life doesn't give us the time to explore all of them; but it’s not a crime to dream about all of them, visit a few and read about the rest. It’s all about going away from this chaotic life-either in essence or by virtue of someone else's words and pictures.