Bruised & Battered!

Of all things upon earth that bleed and grow,
A herb most bruised is woman.- EURIPIDES

Here we go again; another girl’s modesty outraged by a group of Neanderthals. A minor girl, only of standard 11 was molested in full public view in the streets of Guwahati. Nobody tried to protect her or save her. Here I was of the opinion that the north-eastern part of India was atleast way better than the rest as we actually respect women. But I was clearly wrong; the rot that we see all around India has not even spared the part of the country where we actually have matriarchal societies.

There is a video doing rounds on the social media that pin points each and every molester and also the people of Guwahati city have put up huge hoardings all around with the photographs of those guilty. So perhaps all of these lowly animals will be apprehended but what next? Will they actually be brought to book? Will they be punished appropriately by law? Or will they too escape like thousands of others?

It pains me to see such incidents occurring over and over again and our society behaving like handicaps instead of facing the problem head on! Can you imagine what the girl must be going through? She is just in the 11th standard. She has an entire life ahead of her; a life she has to lead with the memories if this horrific incident! As I watch the video with contempt; I see the monsters engaging in the horrific act with devilish grins! Why has our country come to this? Why can’t we do as simple a thing as respect a woman?

India is a land of narcissists; sadists and among the most racists in the world. Yes I am an Indian and with great pain I accept this. We boast of our traditions and culture and every other day commit acts that deserve nothing short of the gallows or castration. We are pathetic with hardly any empathy and human values. I am ashamed to even think of all the things that happen all around us; the pain we subject our women to. Why look at something as big as what happened on the streets of Guwahati or a rape that happens in some car in Gurgaon? Look at your own households; your wife or sister or mother works the whole day to make sure you have a comfortable stay at home. What do you do? If she is a working woman she comes back home, tired as much as you are, but enters directly into the kitchen to cook you the sumptuous dinner while you browse through channels on your television sets. Yes, no matter how liberated you term your woman to be she essentially still is a slave trying to make sure of your comfortable existence.  Yes this is our double faced society and I am not at all proud to be part of it.

Not only that; it is our own women folk who leave no stone unturned to screw the lives of fellow women. Look at the way daughter-in-laws are treated all over the country? I am sure there will be a few exceptions; but apart from them taunts and torture in every form rule the roost in every household for the girls who enter an entirely new household after marriage. What is worse is if she even makes an attempt to move out of it with her husband trying to atleast maintain a civilised relationship with all from a distance she is branded as nothing short of a witch.

So yes our society is anti-women and being a woman myself, I am deeply hurt when I contemplate the situation in so called modern India. What happened in Guwahati is just one of a million such incidents that happen all over our nation and we do absolutely nothing about it. Shame on us!

A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view. - HENRIK IBSEN