Knots of a Chain..

It was Riya’s first Durga Pooja after marriage. She was excited and anxious all at the same time. She had gone along with her husband, Subhro, to her in-laws’ place in Delhi to celebrate this festival. Little did she know what was to transpire?

Riya wasn’t much of a favourite with her in-laws which really wasn’t much of a surprise considering she was Subhro’s choice and not his parents’. Any opportunity to humiliate her would be seized with vicious accuracy by them. If it wasn’t for Subhro their one and only son, they wouldn’t have in the first place let her enter their household even. Ten months had passed by since Riya and Subhro had been married but not a week had gone by without Riya being subjected to bitter words from them. But in all this it was Subhro’s faith in Riya that got her through and was her silver lining. Their bond was strong and no matter how much effort his parents put in breaking that, their love always came out on top.

Riya was a girl of today; educated and independent. She wasn’t one to take blows without retorting. However infront of Subhro’s parents she had to keep quiet as no matter what they did or said at the end of the day they were his parents. Well isn’t it the story around households? A daughter-in-law has to keep quiet and suffer in silence in the name of respect for elders and such system of beliefs?

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